Lucky.. or not?

Sometimes I think I am lucky to be a person with sz. Fewer responsibilities and expectations. No kids to care for, no mortgage to concern myself with, just eat, sleep, shave, and shower. I don’t have to work as much (my current schedule is 10-15 hrs a week) and there’s no expectation for me to do more than I currently am. For me, dreaming big is saving enough to buy a small apartment or condo. I used to think I would want a kid and if I find a partner equal to the challenge then that might happen. But for now, living a low-stress lifestyle, albeit somewhat isolated and sedentary, is fine with me. Lucky or not?


It’s good that you can find appreciation for what you have and put a positive spin on it. That’s what I try to do too. Definitely lucky.

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I need to accept my schizophrenic self too. Its hard for me. I keep wanting to be like my brothers, making lots of money, having an expensive car, having a rich gf, working with a university degree, be fit, healthy and muscular, lots of friends etc

Some days I tell myself that I am as happy as them eventhough I got nothing. Its hard to think like that everyday for me.


It all matters what your perspective is. I consider myself blessed or lucky regardless. There is advantages and disadvantages to every situation. I personally prefer sz because it’s less responsibility. You have a very good attitude!

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Personally I don’t feel lucky for having schizophrenia it is a pain in the ads

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@aziz: all those are tough to attain even without sz. I don’t compare myself with others. Maybe it’s because most of the people that were in my life pre-diagnosis (friends, certain family members) no longer are. It is a reflection of the disease. We need inclusion more than anything but the symptoms of the illness make it difficult, almost impossible. An obvious, sad fact.

Well said.

@anon80490300: in no way am I suggesting that having sz is lucky. It certainly is a pain in the arse, no denying that… it’s just that in my situation I feel sz has been a small blessing. I’ve never been wired for social inclusion, sz just gave it a name.


I feel very fortunate the way my life has turned out. And in some ways this is down to my diagnosis. I was in foster care as a child and from 17 years old had to defend for myself when I got my first flat and aged out. I had no support network until I got diagnosed. You know without this support and disability benefits my life would off been pretty bad and I’d be in poverty, worst off all I’ll have nobody to fall back on if things went wrong. The worst thing is I was lonely at the time too. Loneliness is horrible.

Despite my diagnosis and difficulties I have a good life, an amazing support network, good friends, secure accommodation, don’t have to worry about money. I went on three holidays abroad last year. It scares me a little I will end up unsupported and on my own but that is unlikely to happen now

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I have been very lucky, pros are my own apartment, part time job, no wife, no kids, not much stress, a few good friends, cons, loneliness, side effects of clozaril,had to drop out of futher education, i have made peace with my illness, hard to believe its been 25 years since i first got ill!

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I’m just fortunate that I was able to get good meds and become stable.

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I’m enjoying my low responsibilities life too, but I would prefer to be healthy and able to do things and have friends.

It seems a big complaint is no friends. I feel for you all. It’s not something I really struggle with. I prefer to fly solo dolo. The majority of people can’t keep up with the conversation I enjoy anyway.

I don’t want to have low responsibilities. I’m on the mend though, so once I solve my major health hangups I’m gonna alpha it up workwise.

I’m content with my sza but sometimes I don’t feel lucky when it interferes with my life. I wouldn’t change it though because it’s also a blessing in disguise eg. my husband won’t push me to have a child as I don’t want to and I wouldn’t be able to cope. Also I’m exempt from fasting in Ramadan

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