Any studies on trying to heal brain damage from chronic thc abuse in teenage years?

Hi I think I don’t have sz just enduring prefrontal cortical disruption from chronic THC abuse since a young age. Does anybody have any research on reversing these effects

I had a friend who still abuses thc since he was a teenager, he doesnt have any illness. I think having sz genes is the main cause and thc just triggers sz at an earlier age so you would have gotten sz anyways even if you didnt smoke any thc.

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Even if it caused brain damage, brain damage is irreversible.

I’m currently not diagnosed multiple doctors don’t know either, DNA is linked but doesn’t mean I would’ve had psychosis had I not smoked. Have you heard of the two-hit hypothesis? It links everything together for me. (The different hypothesis-es)

Who knows if the damage can’t be repaired, maybe you can make new links in the brain so your brain regulates the Gaba and the dopamine again properly. There are cases of people recovering from sz. Also I was fine off meds for 3 years but weed triggered psychotic symptoms instantly upon use, I didn’t listen and kept doing it + other stuff then had a second one. Now it’s 2 years meds then we try again off.

Weed worsens psychosis in those who are genetically predisposed to psychosis. Why dont you stop smoking weed? Are you seeing a psychiatrist and whats your diagnosis? For me weed causes psychosis and violence just like when I am off meds so it cancels meds effect.

I quit, diagnosis is “sensitive to psychosis”

Then you can ask your dr to try stopping your meds and dont smoke weed again. As for the damage, what damage symptoms you have?

The damage are the psychoses. I have to take the meds for 2 years

But you said you were fine without meds unless you smoked weed. So your Dr refused to stop meds?

Nah once I tipped over it persisted for a while after stopping the weed. I truly need em rn haven’t tried to quit or asked since

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