Cod warzone modern warfare

I just bought it yesterday to play with cousin. I’m looking for more people to play with. Anybody play? @Aziz

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I play with a friend I know irl but we can play if I am in the mood. Ill pm you my ID.

@lofifunk and @anon49063606 both play it, I added them both. Maybe we can make a Schizo gang team haha


The unofficial sz CoD team, clan tag SZFL (sz for life) lol


Hell yeah boys let’s do it! I’m not very good yet though. I’ll catch on quick. I like TDM hardcore.


I only have warzone atm, but am waiting for cold war. If y’all still want to clan up for cold war I’m down, I’m a noob for sure but love CoD.

When will you buy Cold War? The beta opens on 15 Oct for 2 days. My friend already played Cold War alpha today on PS4.

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I probably won’t buy Cold War.

If the group has MW, I will get that, and then get cold war after trying the beta. I’m not sure on when I will get cold war. I didn’t like BO4 but BO3 was fun. So when do we start SZFl CoD regulators squad of destiny?

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I am about to sleep now, its 11:30pm.
Maybe you guys add each other. I will add @GEDchill tomorrow.

I gotta take a quiz at 11. I’m free all day after that. Send me a pm with your activision # so I can add you. I don’t know how to add someone any other way.

Mine is, you can choose it from the list. Ill pm you my id now.

@BrianTex I see Brian plays also.

You know that joke about how kids are so good cause they have all day to play. Well COD has never seen anything like the sz clan. We have all day and night because we don’t have jobs and have insomnia.


Just got MW, gonna download this 98gb beast, then tomorrow or whenever I will add everybody. We gonna next level this ish!! Under the dark cloud the sz clan was forged for victory and ownage

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It took me forever to download. After you’re done with the main game you gotta download 3 multiplayer ones. It’s all included in the price.

I am up guys and just had coffee with a protein bar.
Let me know when we can play.

I’m getting on now.

I just had BBQ, will turn on my PC now.

You’re offline.

i am the best modern warfare player on this forum no doubt lol