Fallout 4 Released Today

Unfortunately I’ll have to wait until after christmas and 24 gb download to play :pensive:

all the same it was a budgeting decision that i made… I can happily wait :smile:

Though I am curious… is anyone on here playing?

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After the initial skyrim problems I vowed to never buy another Bethesda game on day 1. This used to be the sole problem of pc games but now even consoles get a load of patching.

Still it looks amazing! Wonder how much of a discount will be available in the Christmas steam sales.

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Fingers crossed. I asked my mom to get me the disc in box version… but all that does is validate it to steam… gives me some physical to decor my place with though. (Goes with my elder scrolls series games)…

Among developers… bethesda is a outstanding…

I’m sure these new age woes will get resolved over time… underlying engines refined… got my fingers crossed on it anyways…

Nice graphics are fine… but uhhh I’d really rather have small foot prints and low spec requirements… for most all games (aside from Fallout 4 and the next elderscrolls)…

I’m excited to see what new tech they’ve wrapped into the engine… all the subtle things that skyrim took from fallout 3… like the kill cam… the two franchises are totally different in so many ways… but the underlying engine is exactly the same…

mainly stuff like NPC behaviors… maybe stuff like them occasionally smoking a pipe or how well they converse with each other…

It’s the closest thing we get to feed the need to speculate over Elder Scrolls 6.


I currently have fallout 3, skyrim, witcher 2 and 3’ and GTA V to play. Didn’t want to get the new fallout since I haven’t played fallout 3 yet!

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I don’t know why everyone raves about new vegas… I couldn’t get into it… the trivial crap they make you do at the beggining of the game…

I think it was the weapon customization that really did it or something…

I hope with any fallout 4 dlc they don’t do that simulation crap where you can’t bring your items in between.

But MODS MODS MODS… PC for the win!.. Even though I’ve heard rumors that their will be some supported modding on the consoles… it won’t be breezy!

Nexus mods is pretty awesome… their mod manager supports all the bethesda games and then some… No steam workshop for oblivion WTF? I’ll stick with nexus mods…

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Bored so I was checking up on how my now aging processor holds up to todays standards.

Still top 10… only i5 and i7 and the newer AMD stuff … so it’s kind of mid-range now… maybe upper mid range.

There price data is kind of slanted… I bought the processor for about 250$… because it’s not being manufactured any more it’s price has doubled… So aside from the directly following amd chips… makes it about the best deal there was 3 years ago.

and of course the newest 6 core option from AMD is the best deal as well…

those I series are just so damn powerful and efficient… they are better chips if you want to shell out for them.

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I couldn’t read or fathom all of that. They look like plans to launch a nuclear weapon!

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That amd 8 core is only 170$…

@patrick… if I’m talking like this imagine the people who actually design this crap.

The FX 6300 is only 100$…

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When I first read your header that “Fallout 4” was being released, I thought it was a porno about two chicks losing their bikini tops.



man yeah… one of the girls was complementing the others boots in the current picture thread… i thought it read “boobs”… hah

Don’t worry man I BLAME THE SZ! :smile:

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I think if every guy blamed schizophrenia for liking boobs, we’d have 3.5 billion men on Abilify.

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Lol good one

Patrick strikes again!

I got it and i played it for a few hours barely even scratching the surface only finished one quest. In simple terms its like fallout 3 3.0. It runs more smoothly gameply wise. I want to dive into the story more to see if it has that nice fallout vibe like 3 and new vegas. It takes some time to get used to as some work flow has changed. And players expressions during communication is a little off. But its still awesome. Also u don’t have to rely on vats anymore at all. Like fps is much smoother. Though i haven’t seen those great goofy moments yet like cults or weird quests however like i said ive only played a few hours and only finished the intro.

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fps as frames per second or first person shooter part?

assumedly both…

I loved vats though… that’s part of what makes fallout great. Skill based/tactics based/hybridize your gameplay as you please.

I’m jealous buddy. :+1: Don’t spoil nothing…

Enjoy it. You have steam man? We have a SZ group on there

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Nah i still use consoles. Though steam would be nice to have. And both but i was thinking first person shooting aspect u could probably go the whole game without vats but vats is still really cool to use. Its just nice to have the choice. Though watch out when u get it cause since its a slow paced game u could easily put like 5 hours at a time into it without knowing how much time uve actually been playing it. I played it for about 4 hours today and only did a quest without even realizing where those hours went.

this is probably the best ps4/xbox one comparison video I’ve seen…

did you know the consoles processors are identical?

The ps4 sports some faster ram… memory amounts are the same though…

in this video the ps4 version looks a lot worse at times… for the most part it’s not to noticable though.

The xbox one cpu is clocked at 1.75 Ghz… where the ps4 is clocked at 1.6… just thought I’d add that… doesn’t mean much

I have the ps4 and ive played on the xbox one. I dont really know the difference too much.

The ps4 controller is advanced in a lot of ways… while the xbox one is basically just a 360 controller with relabeled start and back buttons… now they are… something like menu and something else… I don’t know… they should have just kept it the same.

Yea that was kind of the bigger things was the controller when i decided. And it works. I really like the ps4. Though i had the 360 i decided it was time to switch. Only thing the xbox truly has that playstation doesn’t is halo. Though i liked playstations unnessecity to have a camera.

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well man halo 5 doesn’t have splitscreen… you’re better of playing reach or halo 4… maybe wait until halo 6 comes out and they’ve got the tech down to allow split screen.

I mean the new movement system is sooooooper cool… I’ll be getting it at some point to play the campaign… I don’t want to play halo competitively anymore… seems like no one in real life does… to much anx involved… leaving me to play solo against internet people and thats even more anxiety inducing…

set the campaign on easy and take a stroll through the flowers… it is said to be a very pretty game…

no split screen though? WHAT THE ■■■■