Cod warzone modern warfare

What maps do you like the most?
I like Shipment and Shoot house.

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i play that playlist alot with shipment and shoot house. those are great maps for some fast paced chaos

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you play on pc? i think theres crossplay. im on xbox id play with you guys if thats cool

I am on PC, yes its crossplatform. Ill pm you my id.

Nvm here’s my id, choose


Getting on note…

Get back on…

i have to figure out how to add. one second

I am online, can’t join u it says server full.

Click under Rank top right.

Try to join now

Alright I’m in. Let’s get cigarino in.

Ok Ill wait @cigarino

i sent friend request. did u get it i am Sl6S with a lowercase L

@cigarino @GEDchill

I am chatting in the game, do u see?

Start he’s in…

Select Party chat
@cigarino @GEDchill

How you do that

I gotta smoke after this so don’t start right away