Can marijuana worsen sz?

I tried pot a few years back. I smoked it 3 times. 2nd time i had a really bad panic attack. I was also derealized for a year afterwards. It was more sativa than indica, i was thinking a lot while high, i was also very paranoid. Im not really interested in sativa anymore but i always wanted to try indica. I could try northern lights strain which is an indica strain but i was too afraid that i would get another panic attack. I also believe trying pot eventually caused my psychotic episode 2 years later.

Im still curious how it feels if you smoke indica. I read it can induce “couch lock” and it is suppose to be very relaxing. But i am scared it might worsen my sz or that i would panic again.

What do you think?

You’re going to get as many different opinions as there are minutes in the day. Best bet? Lay off the weed, just to be safe. Indica still has THC, the active compound of marijuana, and will act on the brain accordingly. Why smoke it in the first place?


e(Y)e Lyke Ta Think That Pot , Weed , Mary Jane Jhauna , Can Push You Into a Nyse Superfly Elevator That Can Go Up ( OR ) Down Swiftly , In Mere Seconds … ,

Everyone is Different From My Vantage Point … ,

e(Y)e Can Fynde Myself Getting Lost In Nature and Witness tha Trees Having Conversations Within tha Breeze … , Sounds Nyse In and of itself but Jus Hearing A Human Conversation as tha Trees Are Talking Can Reel me Into a Feeding Frenzy of tha Solid Foundation of Human Negativity … ,

Which is Jus Me Saying , My Myndes Eye Goes Deep Into a Rabbit Hole of , Imaginative Blood … ,

Which to Me Says , SMOKE IT ALONE … … … ,

It is Healthy and Can Place You and Anyone Into a Peaceful Slumber of Pure Hopeful Dreams but As We Stand As a “Civilization” , Thee Innocent Can Fynde Pure Moments of Fear … ,

So Smoke Alone If You get Paranoid Around Other People … ,

You Wont get Hurt if You Do , but Those Sliver Moments of Negativity Will Feel Lyke Forever … … …


I doubt ill smoke again. Probably not.

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Weed absolutely made me way worse. I will never touch it again. I know people that do though.

Are You Sure It Was tha Mary Jane Jhauna and Naught thee Actual Birthing Cycle of Your Schizophrenia … , So As For You To Say It Was tha Weed N Shizz , Could it Have Been Something Else (???) ,

What if Conversations L(Y)Ke Thus Could Start a Revolution For Pot to be Used As Medication For People Lyke Us Trapped Sometimes Within a Cycle of No Sleep and Such … (???) …

I can’t say 100% that it was the weed, no. But I would be fine, smoke weed, freak the F out, and then calm down when the high went away. It’s a pretty safe assumption. Plus I feel like I’m high or tripping half the time anyway, I don’t need a drug to add to that. If your experience is different then, by all means, smoke up.

Nevermynde Yo … ,

Jus Never ■■■■■■■ Mynde … … …

I smoked it felt fine, great even, nice and relaxed. Then 4 weeks later approx in the ward from a relapse, I’d been off meds a few years. Trust me if you want off meds stay away, it’s great for some but some people can have a bad experience and as they say the illness gets worse. Take your joy from the simple things in life.


never tried pot for Schizophrenia thought about trying it maybe once to see if it worked or not just curious cant be worse than meds that I am on if I could I would ditch the meds and get my system clean and then try alternatives to meds including Pot.

Some people are unbelievable

Good advice. There is just too much to lose.
Trying pot was the stupidest thing i´ve done anyway.

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N e Waye ,

Weed Should Be Used For Many Painful Troubles , Be It Mentally ( OR ) Physically … ,

ALSO , Any Screaming Crying and Violence Would Be Toned Down Exceedingly After tha Doctors Prescribe Weed as a Cushion For Your Troubled Spiritual Self … ,

and If Any Type of Peeps Could Use Pot as a Helpful Naturalistic Tool For Mental & AND PHYSICAL Survival it Would Be True Schizophrenics … ,

Jus My 4.00 $ Yo Yo’s … … …

From what I remember from reading on here people who do have problems are a low percentage but then again I smoked every day for 3 years. Drugs are fun for many people but theres the diagnosed and then god knows how many people who can hide it.

Weed made me so psychotic the last time I smoked it that I can’t even stand the smell of it anymore. It’s been since summer of 2013, and it will never happen again.


Yeah pain later in life I agree with but I’d try opiates first. Anyway weed does not effect alot of people but if it gets you, be careful if you have that chance to get better. If your a lifer on meds then get on with it. Yes meds suck :smiley:

All e(Y)e Am Saying is , Those Who Say They Can’t handle a Voyd Curtain Being Opened For Them From , and As a Gyft of An Unseen Mother Nature , Those Who Can’t Handle it Are Ruining it For Those Who Can … ,

Which Jus Means e(Y)e Could use Some Sleep , Pure Unaffected Sleep … ,

and So Far as it Stands , Whats Out There is Useless … … …

Do you sleep off your meds @sleepoptimistic ???

e(Y)e Sleep With tha Meds Given … ,

Why Do You Ask (???)

Thought you were taking the piss