For those with sz triggered by marijuana...

Were you suggested by that time? With the head full of negative thoughts while smoking?

Also, did you searched for things in your head and tested for voices? Or the hallucinations just appeared out of nowhere?

I would like to know, if you could share, how was the triggering process with weed. How much did you used, how old were you by the time.



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I used marijuana all my life, recreationally, from age 17 to age 48 and I’m sure it had something to do with my sza because I would usually get very psychotic whenever I got high. I quit doing dope when I got religion that banned it. But, I also have the genetic makeup for MI. My father was very crazy with something or other. He had delusions of grandeur and paranoia all of his life. And, he would go into rages quite often.

I started smoking with 15 years. Cause of traumatic events in my past. It helped to chill. I finished school did a apprenticeship and run away from home with 19 years where i got picked up by the police and ref’tered to a psychiatry where i got diagnosed sz. I havn’t smoked for 10 years after that and had a fake artificial life till i smoked again and got back to normal. Now i am a free soul.

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Weed had some effect on my perception of reality. It made me think things I didn’t want to think. Alcohol probably had more of an effect on my mental health. If a person drinks alcoholically that person can move themself closer to psychosis.

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I started in grade 6. And smoked all through my teen years. At first I explored my mind. And then I found the dark regions of it. Then the psychotic regions.

Do you regret it? Do you still smoke it?

And also… your use went as trip with no return, with some kind of allucination for life or something?

Weed gave me so good moments. It made me realize things that were bringing me suffer, before I started paying attention to metaphysics, which gave me more paranoia. Also, it gave me a sex drive that I never had, I always had problems on sex, even after trying everything, but weed was the only thing that helped me.

I am 2 months off my antidepressants and unstable now. I’m also 6 months without smoking after some panic attacks I had, but now my OCD makes me obsess over fear of triggering schizophrenia (my grandfather heard some voices for a period of time). It’s been hard to decide what to do: to abandon weed forever, frustrated remembering the good times; to toke, observe myself, to try to live free and face my fears.

Not sure what I should do.

I haven’t smoked weed in a long time, mainly because I don’t like the high. It’s been almost seventeen months since I drank anything. Both substances are a danger to me.


solvent abuse, extacy tablets, weed and alcohol burnt my brain out into psychosis

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Less strong weed 1.5 yrs daily
Skunk a few times
Lifelong schizophrenia followed and my sister walked died when she out in front of a car while psychotic

I liked the resin but not the skunk. I think this is because one has more CBD than THC in it than the other. Not touched either in over a decade though. Real ale is my drug of choice these days.

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Nearly 20 years of daily use. Only gave up recently. Always thought weed eased symptoms and didn’t learn otherwise until it was far too late.


I had a weird experience with pot in high school. I was in a good mood, all was good vibes. I took one hit, and everything just dropped. everything turned into a threat, i felt as if i was about to die, and tried to run.It was just waves of bad energy. i remember hallucinating vividly, and screaming bloody murder. tried to run, but face planted again and again. I couldn’t move for a while and thought i was going into a coma. could see myself laying there. Apparently i jumped off a cliff and knocked myself out shortly after. I woke up in an ambulance. I think that was my first experience with psychosis. I smoked one bowl, and it wasn’t my first time either. I’d been smoking for a couple of years, pretty heavily. rarely smoke since that time.

Marijuana was unkind to my mental and emotional functioning. I’m glad I’m not using it for many years now.



I smoked cannabis for about 8 years before quitting. It was mostly after diagnosis. I can no longer smoke marijuana comfortably. It always ends up with hearing voices or getting paranoid. Tried it a few times and it just wasn’t the same anymore. I haven’t smoked for two years or so.

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I had signs of delusions, paranoia as a child, long before I smoked. I went through a period in high school of smoking it because I wanted a place to fit in, more than anything.

It made my paranoia and mutism much worse in the moment, when I smoked. But I don’t think it triggered the onset of my illness.

I was late onset at age 35 when I finally became schizophrenic…I smoked tons of pot in high school and also did lots of street acid…I used to beat myself up because I thought I had caused it but a trusted pdoc I used to have guaranteed me that I didn’t cause my schizophrenia…he said the weed and acid would only ascerbate the symptoms to come earlier. I still smoke weed and it helps with my anxiety and depression.

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Weed opened my mind to lots of possibilities and at first I could get through the voices because I loved it so much but once I was depressed or anxious again it put me in a bad place. my voices, hallucinations and delusions came after smoking daily for only about 6 months, before that I would have never thought I was schiz. If I was happy it was uplifting but if I was genuinely feeling low it would destroy me. Had to make the decision to quit for good recently.


how are you today after all? still hear things? I never heard voices but I am not having good vibes anymore since I started having panic attacks

do the voices stop if you dont smoke? I never heard anything, but it surely opened my mind. it’s been so hard to decide if I try smoking once a week… I was so happy high with my friends