Marijuana Freak Out and SZA

Hi there. I generally avoid consuming drugs for reasons that are about to be apparent, but I have dabbled in marijuana a few times. This has not happened every time, but most times that I have smoked marijuana have resulted in intense screaming and crying, sometimes lasting for hours. I’ll frequently be convinced that my internal organs have ruptured and I am bleeding to death or my bones are broken or my friends are eating me or I’m being sexually assaulted or something of that nature.

I have SZA and I guess I was wondering: is this normal? Has anyone else with SZ or SZA experienced anything like this on marijuana? I am not currently being medicated, could this have something to do with it? Either way, I am never smoking again, unless of course I get depressed and self destructive, but hopefully even then I won’t.

Just don’t do drugs man… it’s that simple… if oyu can’t feel good without durgs… you’re doing something wrong… if you really are just doing them for fun power to you… in this situation though… i’d say… DON"T DO DRUGS


Sounds like you smoked too much tbh. If I have no tolerance and smoke as much as other people I get ■■■■■■ up too. But could be other things as well, maybe it’s just not good for you.

Yeah, you should NEVER smoke it again. To not smoke pot is no big deal, it was a relief for me to quit smoking it for good. Smoking it was torture for me, I never enjoyed it after I got sick even though it was a lot of fun BEFORE I got sick. I never experienced the symptoms you experienced but what I experienced was just as hellish. I’m so happy that I don’t have to smoke it anymore. Yeah, I doubt anything’s going to change if you keep smoking it, you will probably keep having the same problems. There’s better things in life than smoking pot. and because we have schizophrenia we have to be extra careful about drugs. Take it from an ex-crack addict and ex-pot smoker.

Yeah, give up the drugs. With sz is even worse. I never experienced what you experienced but got extremely paranoid. The best decision of my life was quit drinking and drugs.

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Just the smell of pot makes me paranoid. my neighbors smoke it a lot. if we have the windows open in the back of the apartment, we can really smell it.

I tried it a couple times. It always made me paranoid to the point of panic. In general, hallucinogenic drugs aren’t good for people with psychotic disorders.

That kinda happens to me if I ever smoke. The voices just get extremely bad and nothing feels real like some nightmarish movie. Its a psychotic episode waiting to happen for me. Its a horrible experience for me personally thats why I stay away from it. This is how I feel about it now…

I have Sz… and yes… back when I smoked pot… it caused a lot of unraveling… paranoia… panic attacks… delusions…

For ages… I didn’t even feel that nice high… it was always the worst part… then the come down… that was pure depression and hopelessness… and suicidal hopes.

For most… pot might be mild… but it sure did me in…

No more for me… clean and sober almost 7 years.

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I suspect marijuana relaxes the part of the mind that is rationally aware of the physical and waking.
Under the influence we start to drift into that lucid zone the mind does as it is drifting to sleep.

This is usually the desirable zone to those meditating but during meditation practitioners can break away at any time where as with marijuana and other psychotropics, regardless of will, you also have to struggle with the chemicals artificially holding you to that spot.

Most often pot smokers tend to experience more telepathic wires getting crossed but I imagine it very likely, (being so close to being asleep) that the Sandman may be trying to climb out early while you’re still awake - hence hallucinations ensue as it attempts to scarecrow us back into that rationally aware state of mind.

BTW I have nothing against moderate pot use.
The problem takes place when people go through a whole joint in one sitting and then another two for lunch and dinner.

Hitting a roach, like a shot of vodka, is soothing for a lot of people.
Most teenagers that get their hands on it though over-indulge.

I’m a cigarette smoker and that would be like me smoking one twenty pack every hour.

Also, if you’re sensitive to it, I would stay away. I experimented in my teens and kept away because (obviously) I encounter stranger dangers while in that state of mind.

the other day…
i saw a snake … :snake:
it came through the window… :house:
went into my stomach…
lay eggs…
they hatched…
then all the baby snakes became my body…
that was all in 20 seconds…
that is without drugs…and that happens all day long with me…because i am sz !?!
get my point !?!
good on you for making the right decision and keeping away from drugs. :rainbow:
take care :alien:

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Thank you all for your input. I’m just afraid that I’ll do it again next time things get bad. I make very poor decisions when I’m in a bad place. I’ll try not to, though.

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