Can marijuana worsen sz?

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For lots of people it can. I think it’s rare that anyone with schizophrenia can smoke pot without any ill effects at all. I think that even those with schizophrenia who say it helps them still experience a few bad side-effects from smoking it.

I can’t handle it myself. I learned the hard way that I can not handle even one hit off a joint or it makes me paranoid and psychotic. Yes, there are studies that show marijuana can trigger a first episode of psychosis or make existing symptoms worse. I would avoid it if I were you.

I’m afraid you might have to learn the hard way that you can’t handle it. It doesn’t have to be that way but many people have been in your shoes before and experimented with it and have some horror stories about what it did to them and that’s the only way they learned. If you have a mental illness it is dangerous to do any mind altering street drugs. It is a risk which can easily set you back in your recovery and a risk that I will never take again.

But the bottom line is that it is your own decision to smoke it or not and it’s you that has to live with the consequences.

  1. Cannabis use in adolescence risk for adult psychosis; longitudinal study ~

  2. The number of cannabis users suffering serious mental or behaviour disorders has increased by half in just four years. ~

I had warned my son about it, but you know, I know how you feel you have to try it to see.
I tried it in college, but I know now I wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, I know it would give me an episode.

Well he eventually had a psychotic break. and me being sz, they wanted to pin that label on him.
So now he knows, don’t do weed!
He even used to drink a lot, but he ended up in Jail.
So he learned, don’t drink alcohol. I think we may have the sz and drinking gene from way back.

So now I’m so proud of him, he doesn’t drink or smoke weed.
He does smoke cigarettes, and being a Mom you worry about that.


THC found in Marijuana is Bad for schizophrenia - I would stay away from the weed.

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Smoking is a big one for me. I know how unhealthy it is. Everyone does. But it helps so much. I almost consider it a psyche med.

THC oil and salves can help with pain and MS, epilepsy, vision problems, etc. If you were to get some you’d be surprised at how effective it is! I’m not joking or making this up. I watched a friend put it on his wrists and he was shocked and said his symptoms were going away instantly! He has schizophrenia, and so does my mom–who the rubbing salve was for! She loves it! I tried it on my eyelids and my vision got better, plus it is good for pain–which is what a family member got it for my mom for. I can’t deny that some people shouldn’t smoke pot, and I don’t really smoke pot. But the medicinal effects are extraordinary and I might be at odds with people on here who hasn’t known how good it is.

I read somewhere that a lot of people with sz smoke cigarettes. Sorry I’m not good about remembering where the link was so I can post it. I guess you can all google it.

I figured out we all have our addictions and maybe you can switch one for another. Like some eat candy or chew gum instead of smoking.
So what should I switch out to stop eating at times nervously, when not really hungry.

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Yes I’ve read that nicotine can offer some relief of sz symptoms. Most of the hospitals I’ve been to allow smoking and even give out community cigarettes.

Maybe I can start pigging out on food and you can start smoking. That will solve both of our problems :joy:

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what do you mean that some people are unbelievable never mind I don’t want to know.

Yeah, I learned in AA, CA, and NA that most recovering addicts and alcoholics are very vulnerable to cross addictions

I don’t know about the different strains, but my experience with pot in general leads me to believe it can make your sz worse. It didn’t make me a full blown psychotic, but my beliefs about things like cause and effect were altered, though not for long if I didn’t smoke it again.

**Just stay away from it!!!
I haven`t seen a bit of evidence that it helps-ESPECIALLY if your hard-wired for mental illness~~~~~~~~~~~~**


I’m seeing a lot of negative feedback on here. I’ve noticed that it helped me calm down. I didn’t notice the voices getting any worse but they didn’t get much better either. I’ve read both that weed can be bad for sz as well as beneficial. I’m not a professional but I don’t think it’s bad or good for sz. I noticed no difference other than that I became calmer than usual and didn’t seem to respond to the voices as much.

oh man. I guess no one ever heard that they are saying that pot is also an antipsychotic med? I have smoked acres of pot with no side effects except that it hurts my pocket book. I still smoke when I can and now that I have a new connect I feel safe when I know I can still buy pot. Recently I said I would only do pot when offered but I NEED IT for sanity. Just put on some Beatles music and set back and enjoy weed…no need for paranoia, especially because I never transport it. completely safe from paranoia over here.

Pot triggers social anxiety, clinical paranoia, and somatic induction among the general population. From personal expereince, the four times I first experienced social anxiety, voices, delusions or clinical paranoia was WITH pot. For a lot of people it puts them to sleep or masks a symptom. It is just like any drug, it will effect individuals differently based upon biology and life experience. No chemicals solve anything, they only mask. There are practical and long standing practices which deal with many of the so called symptoms of psychosis and mental illness – involve your self deeply in those first before you ingest or smoke THC (pot).

I have no need for it and I do not want it. Its not good for me. It resolves nothing.

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