Does weed always make SZ worse?

Honest question.
Though, I heard a variety of opinions on this topic.

You don’t know until you try.

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Actually I tried and I am super duper confused.
It feels like… I feel a bit worse, but others notice nothing bad on me.
But honestly I felt more nervous and tired.

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if you follow the excess dopamine theory that most clinicians follow then smoking cannabis will exacerbate dopamine levels and worsen sz.

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Weed is good if you don’t get psychotic.

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Weed is known to worsen psychosis. It should be avoided at all cost by people like us.

I have a friend that smokes daily and has so for the last 25 years. It doesn’t have a negative effect on him.

When I smoked pre-sz it worsened my anxiety and made me ruminate on death a lot. It was a temporary escape but when reality came back I was a weaker person because of it.


Really big thanks for your answer @Speedy
I need to avoid smoking weed again. It’s ain’t helping… I noticed that after smoking I actually also feel very unmotivated and my decisions suck. I also fear it could cause me psychosis again…

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Some people with SZ do fine with it but so many of us get harmed by it’s effects

It’s best to stay away from the stuff @HyperactiveNectar


I smoked it quite heavily for 10 years after being diagnosed with a mental health condition. It helped in many ways.

I just read an article that said smoking marijuana can both trigger and worsen psychotic symptoms.

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I smoked like 10 doobies a day for 15 years… 11 years after i got sz i still smoked it… on july 26th 2024 will be exactly 4 and a half years since i smoked it

Personally, I never liked the high I got from weed. I just smoked it to be sociable, mostly.


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