Did the weed played in my sz?

Maybe it was a bad thing in the end, no, people? I smoked in the worst conditions possibly. For about six years, between four walls, only with my inernet and the tv… This sounds bad no? I had quite strong trips for this time… Maybe the weed is bad in those conditions, isnt it? Cause tripping alone like this is hard… I find that i payed the price for the good or the bad trips… Yes, i was probably ill then too, but i went really bad after the weed i find… The despair from the isolation maybe ruined me too… I went even more passive and in negatives with all those joints. I didnt smoke since ten years in fact and i am still ill, but i am here just thinking about my past trips on weed and i find them too crazy tbh… Maybe this marks, idk. Whats your opinion?

There is some evidence that early regular use (teens and young adults) can trigger schizophrenia later in life.
I was a regular drug user mostly weed and shrooms. I think it caused my schizo.


The relationship between marijuana use and schizophrenia can be a “chicken and egg” problem: do people with schizophrenia smoke marijuana because they have a brain disease; or does marijuana smoking cause schizophrenia in people with vulnerable brains?

Scientists and epidemiologists across the world have very carefully considered these factors when designing studies to address this question. And the research says - overwhelmingly - that marijuana use is a risk factor for schizophrenia. It probably directly pushes vulnerable brains to permanent disease.

In my own academic life, I have seen a few cases in which regular marijuana smokers developed schizophrenia. I know of no one whose illness was substantially or durably improved from marijuana use. Almost always it made things worse.

So… my experience with cannabis and schizophrenia is that the two really should never meet.

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My buddy smoked crack pcp and tons of weed and acid and shrooms and a ton of other drugs and didn’t get sz or any psychotic disorder. Sometimes there’s a bad luck factor involved.


The research actually overwhelmingly supports the opposite conclusion. The research that does support the proposed causal link between weed and sz is designed in a way that is poorly suited to answer such a question in the first place. The research that is more thorough in controlling for confounding variables indicates that the causal connection is most likely spurious. Weed might hasten the onset of sz a little, but is unlikely to cause sz. And this fits nicely with what we already do know about the causes of sz, and have known for a long time - that genetics and early experiences are vastly more important than later environmental impacts.


What about ecstasy and cocaine with weed, does that sound like it could cause sz @anon9798425?

I think weed is an entheogen so these bad spiritual experiences are coming from that or what you would call schizophrenia.

Cannabis may not necessarily cause schizophrenia proper, but there are reports of single doses of hallucinogens (including THC) inducing persistent hallucinations/psychosis. Whether it was coincidence or cause and effect is unknowable. There is epidemiological data showing a link between cannabis use and schizophrenia, and patients with chronic psychotic illnesses should probably avoid MJ or hallucinogens.

To say “cannabis causes schizophrenia” might be overly simplistic. The causes of schizophrenia are not fully known by itself, and are thought to be multi-factorial. That is, many issues can come together in a perfect storm to cause a decline in mental health.

As an aside, the stress-diathesis model posits that the development of schizophenia is caused by an interaction between predispositional factors (typically biological or genetic) and environmental stress. If one has few predispositional factors, then more stress will be required to reach a critical threshold to give rise to the disorder (having a blood relative with schizophrenia may increase the likelihood that you develop schizophrenia as well as mood disorders and substance use disorders). Conversely, if one has a considerable amount of predispositional factors, then little or no environmental stress is necessary.


I was off marijuana in jail and hallucinated worse than any time I was ever on it. Environment is a huge factor for me, lock me in a room and everything becomes psychotic. I was hoping it would be better because I wasn’t smoking anything, but it was so much worse. Could have been because they were denying me 3 of my 4 medications. All I got was Seroquel. I was so far down the rabbit hole in that cell.

You wouldn’t have been able to talk me out of it when I was in my early twenties. I treated it just like alcohol. I was mentally healthy so they were enjoyable. Now they are liabilities. Surviving Schizophrenia (a book) says your odds for getting sz by smoking marijuana rises from 1 percent to like 2.3 percent.

Sounds like your promoting that weed is good, when in fact it literally can cause psychosis because it’s a stimulant. So smoke on those facts.

Plus I only got my schizophrenia because I was anorexic and not eating, I was also pulled of an allergy drug too fast, so tell me again that later environmental factors don’t play a role in developing schizophrenia.

all I will say is that weed helps me negative symptoms and I can’t wait until it’s legal nationally in the US.


I agree. A year before my 1st psychotic episode I smoked 2 cannabis joints and hallucinated things in mirrors and window reflections. I recovered after a couple of weeks and went back to normal, but 10 months later I had my 1st psychotic break. If I had continued to smoke cannabis my psychotic episode would have been induced earlier. Cannabis is a hallucinogen and a psychotic agent.

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Very much agree, Ive seen too many friends get messed up by weed

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When I was in hospital, half the people there had psychosis from cannabis. A few from Lsd or natural psychosis like me.

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Yeah, weed is definitely bad for your general well being.

Like anything else it is good for some and bad for others. If it bothers you, don’t use it. If it doesn’t bother you, stay legal! I use cbd when I can afford it and get the same benefits of pot without the thc


Actually, it obviously depends on the person. They wouldn’t have doctors giving medical marijuana to millions if it was simply so “ bad for your well being”. Are you a doctor?? If not , expect more posts of me challenging your bs.

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