Boyfriend buying me gifts

On the other issue of your boyfriend telling you things that are triggering you, you should definitely sternly ask him not to say things that trigger you as it can be dangerous with you having schizophrenia. Make sure he knows it’s a serious deal. I’m sure he didn’t mean to cause harm and maybe he doesn’t know how confusing schizophrenia can be

I just think my boyfriend is the devil so wants to turn me into the dictator so I go to hell. And to ruin my life basically.

I shudder to ask, but is your boyfriend a real person?


He looks like a real person.

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It’s a delusion you really have to get help in treating this


How do you know it’s a delusion?

Because it’s insane! Even if the devil was real he’s not going to be investing so much in an earthly relationship. Surely he’s got more important things to do like rule over his own realm and organise the violent storming of heaven. Are you sure this boyfriend is a real person? Have you seen him interact with your parents?

Yes he did interact with my parents.

What did your parents say to him last time they talked?

I don’t really remember. Just normal stuff.

OK, sorry for doubting he is a real person. The way you describe him he’s either psychotic or a sadist who enjoys telling you things which are not true.

It’s probably his love language. You should go buy him a gift.

It’s just what the Pope says that he still manages to trick people is what gets to me. How does he manage to trick people if he is invested in more large scale events? And that he is a loser and a dog on a chain that if you approach him you get bit but if you leave him alone then he can’t bother you. And to never dialogue with him.

According to most Christian doctrine including Catholic, there are clear limits to what the devil can do. For instance he can’t bend your free will, your decisions are still your decisions


I know that’s why I feel bad.

Not to get preachy or religious. Some religions don’t even believe in free will - Calvinism. I’m starting to think they’re right.

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I’m no great admirer of Calvin but I agree on rationalist grounds that there is no free will. Only my schizo side believes in a supernatural reality.


he’s bipolar.

I’ve seen it many times. excessive gifts.

I doubt he’s bipolar.

It’s just I feel bad that I invited him to my house when I barely knew him it seems. It’s like I was asking for this because I was too friendly with strangers.