I'm nearly positive my boyfriend is the devil

The Pope says the devil is a loser, so is my boyfriend.

My boyfriend said himself he is a fallen angel.

The Pope says that the devil brings gifts nicely packaged, so does my boyfriend.

My boyfriend never showed me his ids because he said they were wrong.

There’s just this inexplicable quality that makes me sure my boyfriend is the devil.

This makes me worried for my safety and makes me think the things I’m worried about are not delusional.

Your lucky to have a boyfriend, don’t isolate yourself

He may be evil but not the devil

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I’m not sure, he encourages her delusions.

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Oh does he?? sorry didn’t know that

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Certain things you’ve said in the past make me wonder if your boyfriend is unwell. At the very least, he encourages delusional thinking and ideas that are unhelpful to you.

He’s obviously not the devil (which is imaginary anyway), but I don’t think he’s doing you any favors from what I’ve read.


The Pope says he’s a real person unfortunately…

did you change your profile pic? that’s nice. I’ll get used to it.


Yeah nice pic :ok_hand:


You’re just suffering from delusion i hope youll be OK

This really rides the religion discussion line. You’re not looking to get rid of this delusion, only for confirmation. That won’t happen here.