Boyfriend buying me gifts

My boyfriend buys me a lot of gifts. The Pope says the devil buys you lots of gifts-- all beautifully wrapped up. Should I be making this connection?

No, you shouldn’t be making that connection.


Well my boyfriend is also a liar and the Pope says the devil is a liar too.

That doesn’t mean your boyfriend is the devil. Lots of people tell lies.

Just weird that this idea is stuck in my head.

For the millionth time,

Break up with your boyfriend and go live with your parents!

He’s unhealthy for you.


I already live with my parents. And I care about him.

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That’s great!

Is he giving you gifts to get you back?

Did you break up?

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No he just always gets me gifts.

I wouldn’t accept the gifts and try to break ties.

I understand you care about him, but he’s feeding your delusions and it’s very bad for you.

Well my family thinks he would never hurt me so I listen to my family as well.

Didn’t he tell you he was the devil?

He said he was a fallen angel.


That’s kind of messed up.

I think with all your delusions,

You should stay away from him.

You say you care about him and stay with him,

But you always come on here concerned that he’s going to do something.

It doesn’t make sense.

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And just to play devils advocate (excuse the pun), if you believe he is the devil, why would you want to stay with the devil?

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Because the devil is powerful and might be able to protect me from the things I feared. But today I feel better.

Wow, you surprised me. I didn’t think you would be able to answer that. Bad answer but you get credit for effort.

I’m glad your working on your delusions.
Just because someone says something and your vulnerable, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Try to think with logic about what your thinking and what you’re hearing.
I find thinking with logic helps me fight the delusions.

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He also told me he doesn’t die, and when I asked his age he said he was my age when he’s clearly much older. Is this a sign he’s the devil since the devil doesn’t die?

No I’m sure the pope meant it in a very different way. Like as in the devil tries to butter you up with gifts in order to manipulate you. That’s very different from showering someone with gifts out of genuine love. The motive is what’s important. I’m sure your boyfriend has good intentions and is simply expressing his love for you with a few gifts :slight_smile: