Do you think my boyfriend is the devil

Why or why not? 151515

No because he is a human person.


No. We don’t know your boyfriend but that is a scary question. Do not do anything rash. It is going to be ok.

He’s one out of 8 billion people. There’s only one devil (at least to the people who believe in one, to me there’s zero).

How well do you know him? I had a boyfriend who caused me a lot of trouble but it never occurred to me that he was a demon. Just trying so hard to be a good guy that it backfired on him.

I’ve known him for 5 years. I first thought he was a spy. Now I think he is the devil. I feel attached to him so feel like I can’t leave him.

I thought old Beelzebub was red with a tail and horns. Maybe you should examine your boyfriend more closely.

Just kidding. No, your boyfriend ain’t the devil. There’s already a devil who’s been around since Christ was born and your boyfriend ain’t him.

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I’m glad you dropped the spy idea. Maybe you’ll drop the devil idea, too.

Pretty sure you’re not in any kind of condition to be in a relationship at the present time.

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What makes you say that?

Are you on your medicine?

Yes does him saying he is a fallen angel mean anything?

I can say I am the emperor of Mars, does that mean anything?

My grandmother used to call me Queen Elizabeth. Doesn’t make it true.

It means you either hallucinated him saying that, it has different meanings for him, or he’s messing with your delusions on purpose.
The latter makes him an arse, but not a devil

You demonstrate an astounding lack of insight into your delusions. Generally not good for someone who is failing reality testing to be in a relationship. You will be easy to take advantage of and abuse.

Being honest.

Yeah but then again us psychotics deserve to be in relationships. I go through periods where my insight goes away does that mean i should leave my partner?

If they told you things to reinforce your illness, yes

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Yeah if thats the case then the issue is with the other partner. My comment was in reference to MrSquirrels comments

Have you ever read her posts?

  1. Posting about loved ones es replaced with clones.
  2. Believes they will be kidnapped to take the place of N. Korea Dictator.
  3. Her boyfriend encourages her to think he’s “the devil”.

Not healthy posts. No one that ill needs to be in a relationship with someone encouraging it all.