Still can't get over whether my boyfriend is the devil

When the Pope said the devil is a person not a metaphor this gets to me. My boyfriend said he is a fallen angel and weird things happened since I met him. Can anyone help? Not sure if this needs help but it worries me.

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It’s delusional thought. I know it’s seductive to think these things and it appears to you it has a basis in fact but your ill and not thinking straight. Religion can be a very big trigger for people with psychotic disorders and it pays to keep yourself grounded.

If your still thinking these things you may need a new/more of a medication to help you get over this thinking.


Thanks I’m also thinking that people on Facebook that I’m friends with are getting hurt because of me. Because I know the devil. It feels bad.

If your boyfriend was the devil he would try to corrupt you in different ways that can’t go unnoticed. Like push you to do immoral things, play with your feelings, treat you badly or discourage you from doing good deeds.
However since a few hundred years ago even the church has stopped believing that a human being could be entirely possessed. Ah, we all have our inner demons that’s for sure. But that’s just one way of saying we aren’t perfect.


I feel like he has corrupted me by possibly turning me into a terrorist. Like I think I was a terrorist before. Not sure. I had visions. But if these are telepathic visions/voices then they can’t be real right? Not sure if visions were telepathic but they were sent from some government agency. Is that real?

No. If you were a terrorist you’d either be dead or in a prison by now. It’s a delusion.


That’s why I thought they were trying to turn me into the dictator by plastic surgery, since they didn’t capture me. I’m starting to think this is not real, correct?

These are all delusions, no human person can be the devil.

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The Pope said otherwise. That’s why it freaks me out.

The pope just means that he is a real spiritual entity for catholics, this has nothing to do with real people.

He used the word person, not a metaphor, that’s what freaks me out.

I can’t find where he says he is a person, I think you misunderstood or got it from a non reputable source.

I feel so screwed over. But not really. I don’t know what this means.

I think he means only that he is not abstract but personal, but still not a real person like you and me, furthermore I’m sure your boyfriend did many good things so he can’t be the devil.

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I don’t think it’s any good for you reading things that promote your delusions. Your already lost in them and just because the pope says something doesn’t make it real for a lot of folk. Please resist the religious stuff as it’s very triggering for the community.


I’m sorry. I really do feel screwed over. And my boyfriend did nice things to me but it says the devil can be polite. I feel like I’m not sz and I’m just hurting the community so I’m sorry. I was feeling better earlier and now this. Do you think it’s real for me though?

You are sz and are dealing with several delusions, I think you should trust the people that are trying to help you in real life. :slight_smile:

Yes which is why it’s a delusion. It’s faulty wiring in the brain. It isn’t mystical or magical. Investigate the medications is a tip. They do improve it for a lot of people and it sounds very much like sz or psychosis.

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i’m pretty sure your boyfriend is not the devil.

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