Is my boyfriend truly the devil/genuine worries/anyone share this experience

The pope says the devil is a person not a metaphor as I read in the article. My boyfriend as of 5 years (or so I thought) was always weird, carries multiple ids, and lies about his age. He always brings me gifts and the pope says the devil always brings many gifts. My boyfriend is very polite and the pope says the devil is very polite and intelligent like my boyfriend is. I had weird experiences like I thought I was possessed and the lights turning on and off when I was with my boyfriend. How do I know if he is really the devil? I’m worried because after being with my boyfriend I’m scared I will end up in North Korea since my boyfriend claims to have international connections.

I’m not sure how to carry on my life because I have Capgras delusions and sometimes hear things like voices that are quiet. Once when I was at the hospital it involved Russians and I heard in my head that I was going to a certain hospital. It was later confirmed by hospital staff that I was going to that hospital. I never heard of that hospital and there was no way I could have guessed it.

Anyone else have experiences with strangers they have met that you think are the devil based on what the pope said. I’m Catholic so this concerns me. I was friends with a professor/priest at my university who told me my papers were of silence and genuine religious experience. I’m very serious and concerned. I also sometimes hear things that talks about certain celebrities and their inner lives and then something in the news confirms what I said.

My main concern is if my boyfriend is the devil because I’ve heard that in 11 years they want to turn me into the dictator by way of plastic surgery and kill me at age 47. This really concerns me because I had visions of hell and that I would go there if I turn into a dictator.

I think you should discuss this matter with your psychiatrist, and share your feelings. They can prescribe something that will stop you feeling this way.

I used to believe I was a demon who was killing people. After I got the right medication, I realized that was just a delusion. All human beings are just human beings.


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Are you taking medicatiton? Have you tried CBT/DBT? It helps.

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There isn’t even a single evidence of hell.
Its just your hallucinations and imagination.

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I’m pretty sure my boyfriend is the devil, so I guess one of us has to be wrong by process of elimination.

I believe this is a case of delusions.

I mean, besides the issues about what your boyfriends occupation is.

I think though seriously, that you need to have a therapist work with you on how to analyze your thinking and what is probably a delusion and what probably isn’t.

I’m not religious so this would be a red flag for me, but for you, you might be very religious so its a concern.

I think though that most people don’t think they’re dating a devil, I think this is an aspect of paranoia.

It’s weird to think that one human being is like the embodiment of all evil. Like God’s bad side manifest as a person.

I mean, it is an interesting though exercise, but God is pretty darn complicated. That person’s personality would be hard to pin down. There are prophecies and ideas that try to frame the idea though.

I don’t care that much about it. I feel safe in my little bubble.

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