Best drug to counter insomnia

Do i have the right to sleep?

If yes please give me a drug to counter the insomnia caused by invega

For the longest time I was on Seroquel for sleep. Worked like a charm

me too works like a charm but i need an add on

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because it sometimes doesnt work the seroquel

Do you exercise regularly? An evening workout before bedtime really helps me. It’s when I do a tai chi routine if I have time.

Try drinking coffee throughout the day and at night try an OTC like Valerian root or Melatonin 4 sleep.

I’m on the highest dose of Invega and this helps counter the insomnia throughout the day.

Seroquel gave me midnight hunger after a week of taking it.

So now I just take 3mg melatonin


I don’t know what will work for you,

But I do not recommend trying Ambien.

I’m on it and it only helps you sleep for a couple hours and also makes you do dumb things.


1.5mg of clonazepam is the only thing that works for me, but I already explained that to you in your other thread.

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Neither do I, It was useless, it put me to sleep for about 4 hours and then after 3 days I developed a tolerance to it and it didn’t work at all.

I’ve heard about that, sleep walking, cooking, driving, etc… I didn’t experience that but I wasn’t on it very long for the above reason

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Quetiapine, olanzapine, whatever benzo works for you or melatonin. Maybe magnesium would help as well idk.

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I’m on Invega and I take Dalmane(Fluorazepam) for insomnia.

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I take Mirtazapine 30mg for sleep. For me, it works like a charm keeping me asleep for the full night. I sometimes take Ativan 1mg if I have trouble settling for any reason. And Prazosin 1mg keeps my nightmares away, so I stay asleep.

Let me tell you my point on this problem. I suffered from insomnia for several years, and I could only treat it when I found the right help. Insomnia is not a thing to laugh at, and, of course, it is not a thing to ignore.

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There are a lot of ways to cure insomnia.

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valerian works for me

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