Sleep aid when off seroquel


Came off seroquel, but neither ambien or clonazepam gives me sleep. Has anyone had similar insomnia problem? I’m now in second week without seroquel


How much clonazepam do you take?


1mg at bedtime 555555


I guess I’ll have to up it to max 2mg


How long can this seroquel withdrawal insomnia last? Was on it for 10 years at 300mg


If not cured, very long enough to exhaust you and bring some symptoms back, have you tried zolpidem or lorazepam?


zolpidem is ambien what I’ve tried.
Last year I even had to take sleep aid on top of seroquel for few days


Do you have experience how long would that take? Somewhere I read 8 weeks of symptoms. I switched to invega at same time so I’m hoping the symptoms won’t last as long.


I recently came down from 600mg seroquel to 300mg. My sleep has been fine but my depot depixol was increased at the same time. Sorry don’t know if this helps


I don’t have enough information, double the clonazepam and if it didn’t work then try 2mg of lorazepam, lorazepam is more strong in my opinion,


Why did you go off Seroquel if that worked for your insomnia?


They told to go off of it with invega


Read that invega can cause insomnia as well so now I’m not sure if both seroquel withdrawal and invega cause it


I had issues falling asleep when they took me off seroquel, but staying asleep I was fine. Then it still was a problem so my pdoc put me on trazodone and hydroxyzine, while on risperdal. Months later, I got off the risperdal and everything because I needed something to beat racing thoughts, and I forget the other reasons, I don’t think my pdoc was able to give me a higher dose. This was in 2011-12. Fast forward 6 years later I’m on invega after many other antipsychotics, and invega at first was by far the worse to fall asleep on, pdoc had to give me depakote and things started to level out. I still get like 5-6 hours of sleep but that’s better than being up over 24hrs like when I first started it.


I’m on depakote, latuda, invega


Oh the seroquel withdraw does cause insomnia. It will go away


took ambien yesterday, but it was like sugarpill


Melatonin works Good, and a lot of Advil pm, to much in my case


Don’t know how good melatonin is against ambien or clonazepam?


Lol I need a sleep aid while still on seroquel… I don’t know what’s wrong with me. It just doesn’t make me tired. Zyprexa and geodon made me really tired though.