Best Antipsychotics


What are the best antipsychotics, in your opinion and experience?


Vraylar and clozaril.


Everyone’s experience will be different.
My “best” Antipsychotics as far as efficacy goes, are Risperidone and Haldol.


I’m on Haldol at the moment and it’s helped with my mental state, however the restless feeling is quite annoying. Do you have that side effect?


I’ve only had the injections in the Hospital.
No restlessness for me.


It could be the Remeron, hopefully it will go away soon as I’ve stopped taking it. Do you have any side effects on Haldol?


I really like Haldol.
I’ve had no side effects, but I was not on it on a daily basis.

Puts me in a good mood and relaxes me.


Are you on it at the moment?


No I’m not.
I take risperidone.


Ah okay.



I know research says clozapine is the best. I’ve never tried it though. The only AP that ever 100% worked for me was Risperidone. Geodon was the only one that ever worked for my negatives which was cool but the only positive it took away was my voices nothing else.


Geodon is one of the few AP’s I haven’t tried out yet. If Haldol doesn’t work out I’ll give it a try.


It would have been an awesome med if it hadn’t given me such serious sedation. Sedation was so bad I had to stop driving because it made me get in an accident. However my new pdoc said that was because my old prescriber had me taking part of it in the morning so maybe if I had taken it all at night it would’ve been not an issue. Also it made me lose weight!! So that’s a plus.


I’m on haldol and really like it, but every time I increase my dose, and especially when I first started it, I had really bad restlessness and achy legs. It went away eventually. I don’t remember how long it took, though. Magnesium 500mg helped a little. That’s what I take for RLS anyways.


I’ve BEEN on everything available in the US, I’m supposed to be taking clozapine right now but quit taking it as soon as I walked out of the hospital. I’m still doing the blood draws, though, so the pdocs and company don’t know I’m not taking it. I think they have been systematically poisoning me over the last few months with adulterated meds and food, but I HAD to start eating again because my body was failing. Ha ha, I bet the pdocs would argue that my mind is failing, too!
No meds over the last 25 years has successfully treated my symptoms and only made me fat and mentally slow, with periodic akathisia. I LIKE the mental acuity I have off meds, even tempered with some eccentric behavior and social aberrations. I’m sure my docs, if seeing this, though, would surely put my ass on either Abilify and/or Haldol monthly injections. Oh, well…


When I first became unwell risperdal worked great. But i refused to take it.

Another dr tried me on abilify. For me this was awful. (For me bare in mind) it created terrible social anxiety and generally didn’t treat me.

I spent about 10 years on qutiapine until recently. This was also a good medicine. Not only did it help my symptoms but it helped me sleep.

I am no longer on this because I am going through a period of change in my life where I am de medicating and wanting to cut down on some medicine (for epilepsy) and also having trouble taking pills. So they switched me to injection. That is Paliperidone like risperdal the doctor said. And it works ok too. But I’m having muscle aches they’ve said would go away once the loading dose has gone.

It’s good so far.

The only one I had issues with was abilify.

I’ve been on benzo’s for my illness but it’s also treated epilepsy too. These have not been good. Only for epilepsy. And I’ve come off those. (Almost). It’s tsken about a year to do so. I was on 3mg of Ativan a day. I’m on less than a Mg now. Not sure how to work it out. But it’s less than a mg.


Good medication.


It’s different for different people. There’s no way of knowing what works for you etc.

I do well on zyprexa and effexor ( anti depressant ). Works well and no real complaints. Tried abilify and risperdal as antipsychotics and probably a few more again antidepressants.


i dont have anything good to say about atypical antipsychotics, they impair my brain function and are all nothing more than a necessary evil. im anxious to get to my lowest effective dose and possibly off these medications for good. weight gain is disfiguring and life shortening, tardive dyskinesia does nothing less. i absolutely hate the way atypical antipsychotics make me feel.


Haldol was awesome in terms of efficacy, but I couldn’t stand the involuntary eye and mouth movements. Abilify was good, but it made me seriously manic. On Geodon now, and as long as I eat with it, it’s amazing.