Best Antipsychotics


Haldol was the best for me at stopping the hallucinations.


Clozaril was so good for me that I wasn’t even awake at all to see how it effected me!!!

Honestly all the anti-psychotics have worked pretty well for me. I’m very lucky… I’ve heard people call themselves “treatment resistant”…While I was very very bad off of meds…I am the opposite of “treatment resistant”

If I were to rank the anti-psychotics I’ve taken in terms of efficacy it’d be something like this

  1. clozaril
  2. Haldol
  3. Zyprexa
  4. abilify
  5. thorazine
  6. risperdal
  7. latuda (although I only tried it for a day or 2)
  8. prolixin
  9. saphris

I might have tried 1 or 2 more, but really I hated prolixin and saphris because they didn’t help much, I hated the top 3 and 5 and 6 because of the side-effects, abilify is a match made in heaven for me because it has no side-effects and it is effective for me…


Geodon and Seroquel. They control my symptoms without the horrific side effects of so many other ap’s.


I was treatment resistant at one time. Does it change or go away, that label?


I don’t think treatment resistant means you deny treatment…I think it means treatment doesn’t work very well on you.

For example my PDOC was on the phone yesterday and he said he had a patient who was treatment resistant to everything but Clozaril.

It could change but its more based on your brain chemistry and how well anti-psychotics work for you.

Tell me if I’m understanding correctly though


The only AP that ever did anything for me was clozaril, I was a non-responder to the other meds and clozaril worked for me which is typical.


risperidone 15q5q5q5q55qqq6


Rexulti’s pretty cool.


I’m on a medium dose of zyprexa and a small dose of haldol. After going through most the other options this is the medication that works best for me and bothers me the least.


My doc said that Zyprexa is still one of the best ones… Otherwise, i tried the most of the aps, they weren’t a big help for me though… But i hated clozaril, i thought i would die on it, it was too strong and like some very, very bad dope :confused:


Zyprexa was good apart from the weight gain and tiredness.


For me Aripiprazole and Lurasidone combination is working best.


Are you using this Ziprasidone and Quetiapine combination? Both drugs prolong QT interval and should not be used particularly at high doses. Please check with your Psychiatrist to confirm.


I think Olanzapine.It help me curb my high sex drive.Now I have more energy to do important things


haloperidol generic haldol on the fda moderate dosage of 2.5 mg a day for a two hundred pound man.


Yes I am. 80 x 2 Geodon daily. And 400 x 2 Seroquel daily. What’s a “QT interval”?


It’s a part of your heart rhythm. It’s one of the things an EKG tests for.


QT interval is the term related to Heart. The time taken by the heart from polarization and to repolarization is called QT interval. The longer the QT interval the bad it is for the heart. Generally all the anti psychotics prolong the QT interval but ziprasidone and Quetiapine prolong the QT interval even more. They should not be used together because it can lead to long QT interval and causes syncope and even Torsa de pointes(which can lead to death). But if your doctor is absolutely sure about what he is doing, you need not worry. Any way it is better to ask him again and if he reassures you that it is safe you need not worry. Please ask him again.

I am not a Doctor. I got this information from web and the monographs of these medicines. Wish you all the best.


Clozapine …


Seroquel helped me the most. I was on a high dose for many years when I was a teenager. I’ve also tried risperadone (eh, alright I guess) and ability (I got a bad reaction to that one)