Best AP you ever tried

What’s the best antypsychotic you ever tried? I’m looking for a new AP!

I tried sulpiride and it worked well but I wasn’t 100%
I wanted a drug that would wipe out my symptoms
On clozapine now
Might have been worth me sticking the sulpiride
Been on clozapine for 13 years now
Not going to rock the boat now as I am doing ok

Risperidone, completely took away my symptoms, no akathisia/anxiety or sedation. But it did cause significant weight gain that I still haven’t lost all of like 2 years later and it caused hyperprolactenemia :confused:

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It’s all just individual trial and error. What works for one person won’t work for another.


Abilify, Zyprexa, Risperdal are worth trying of ones I’ve tried.

Olanzapine once I became tolerant to the sedation and had the weight gain back in check!

Risperdal and Haldol are both effective for me.
Honestly I felt high on both Seroquel and Zyprexa for a while.

There is no ‘best’ Antipsychotic.
Everyone is different.

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Haldol and risperdal have been the best for me. They work well. But the haldol has been wearing off. I hear voices again but my doc just upped my dosage so we’ll see how it goes.

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Risperdal Consta, hands down. Then Geodon and Seroquel equally. I agree with @Wave, that there is no “best” AP. Everyone is different.


My best antipsychotic since now is Saphris. But I only know one other person in this forum who also take it. It doesn’t seems to be a popular antipsychotic among the psychiatrists. For me it is efficient and cause almost no weight gain.

I’ve tried Abilify, Risperdal, Haldol, Saphris and Zyprexa. Zyprexa is the best for me, I have very little side effects, only some minor weight gain and moderate loss of libido. I sleep very well and my delusions are in check.

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I guess whatever works at the time with the least side effects. And what you’ll actually take. I loved Haldol but began having severe akathisia when I take it…now I’m on Abilify, about to be on the Abilify Maintena injection. It’s not the best for symptoms overall but since lately I’ve, umm, well, okay, quit taking my meds several times, they’re kind of insisting, well, okay, court-ordered that I go on a depot med. I guess I shouldn’t have clocked that security guard when I was in the hospital. Lol.

Geodon has been the best AP I’ve been on by far. A number of people swear by this drug. It controls your symptoms with almost no side effects. When this drug works right, it really makes life better for the person taking it.

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I am on generic prolixin (fluphenazine)…no side effects. good luck.

They all suck as far as I’m concerned .

Hands down seroquel, but you will have to work hard on it. It is viewed as the mildest ap on the market, I can attest to that. So unless you want to be taking 800mg + , you will need good coping mechanisms to fall back on. 400 - 500 is the sweet spot, 300 is optimum imo

Haldol. Absolutely the best I’ve tried. Next best would be abilify, but it’s trash compared to haldol for me.

Best I’ve had was a mix of Abilify and a little Risperidone at the same time. I’m on it now, but the pdoc says I can’t stay on it for too long.

The best AP meds I tried were risperdal and amisulpride. The risperdal led to a remission of five years. And amisulpride works very well for me too. Presently on 200mg amisulpride and 5mg of olanzapine.

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I tried Olanzapine one time and for me was the best with a little bit sedation but the side effect aren’t so bad was a beautiful medication for me! With risperdal and invega now I have strange side effect like dissociative state and mood changes…something else that have had this side effect with invega or risperdal?