Atypical Hallucinations?

Ok so I’d like to discuss my visual hallucinations specifically. I feel like they’re not typical schizophrenic/psychotic hallucinations and every time I try to google them I get absolutely no info or results on them. The best way I can describe my visual hallucinations is like…a drug trip. I mean, I’ve never taken drugs so I guess I don’t really know what it’s like exactly but it’s all just very trippy.

For example I see things swirl around, like walls and floors. Anything really. Swirling and shifting. Like the effect you get from watching those videos with the spinning light and then look away. Secondly I see things swelling. Objects will swell and fall as though breathing. Thirdly, I see colorful lights. They glow off of everything. But there are free floating lights too that just seem to drift through the air. Sometimes the whole space seems to be filled with magenta or purple light even. Sometimes it takes orb form. I remember when the hallucinations first started I would just lie on my bed and trip out. I’d watch my wall melt and stare at pretty bright pink orbs as they floated around my room. My glow used to be electric blue but now it’s violet-ish.

From what I’ve seen of typical hallucinations, people see things, people, objects, animals, whatever. I never see anything physical like that. Just…trippy drug stuff. (Again I have never, and will never take any recreational drugs like that)

The second weird thing about my hallucinations is they’re…voluntary. Sort of. As in if I’m focused on soemthing or whatever, I won’t see them. But if I’m zoning out or relaxed or looking for them, they show up. It’s so strange. But I mean that’s why they’ve never really bothered me. They aren’t intrusive, they aren’t frightening, in fact they even calm me sometimes. Very interesting, mostly. (My tactile hallucinations however are terrifying, and my “thought insertion,” my voices or whatever it’s called can also get horrific.)

It’s also weird because when I was very little I DID experience more serious visual hallucinations. For example I’d see little people waking around in my blankets, or I’d see characters in paintings move (I discussed all this in a precious post so I won’t go into it again) and all that. Then when I got older like 8 or 9 it all vanished and around 15 these less intense and easily controlled hallucinations started up. They have gotten stronger since but I feel like it’s because I like seeing them.

Does anyone else have weird hallucinations like this?

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I’ve seen the walls breathe. The floor turned into water. I had a dog that only I could see. He had a bad back and was very old. He followed me everywhere. Even to ER and hospital.
I have seen flies on my bed. But I could not catch any of them. Nobody else saw them.

Ocassionally, particularly that day I was sleep deprived. It is very interesting, as you mentioned it. Initially I thought something went wrong with my eyesight, and I didn’t drink alcohol. Maybe just because I was too tired.

I don’t know what’s happening to you until someone can have explanation for that.

I get trippy visuals pretty often.

I get the walls breathing sometimes, but I see it in doorways the most; the doorway bellows making itself wider then thinner. Sometimes pictures on the wall will seem to have quite a bit of depth to them as if they were really stereoscopic 3D. I see people in pictures move a little, they look like a live person trying to stand perfectly still, sometimes the movements get more obvious. When I read, sometimes the text does funny things like slowly wave or tilt, the lines of text occasionally seem disconnected and zig zag.

One time I was reading on my tablet and I got to the end of a line of text when the left side of the text seemed to fall off the page. I instinctively tried to catch the text and felt silly when I realized what really happened…was nothing…

Lately I’ve been seeing short-lived streamers off of objects that are lighter than the background, like a ghost copy of the object that is delayed in movement or something (much more pronounced than motion blur or that blur you see when you move around a glow stick at night). It gets pretty trippy if I drive at night when it happens.

Apart from that I get the occasional bug on the wall or flying in the air that nobody else sees. Usually wall bugs disappear when I look at them though. Or I’ll see something move when it really didn’t.

I haven’t ever hallucinated a person or animal (unless bugs count). I hear seeing ‘shadow people’ is common, I’ve never had that experience though.

When I’m not doing well, my furniture will breathe like that and feel a little bigger and each time. That’s why I got freaked out at my sister piano… I was sure it was breathing and growing.

Walls will ripple, when I was at my worst, my color perception was off… The sky would look purple, green grass would look blue… anything red would look brown. Bananas were orange, anything orange looked deep red. It was like my color wheel was out of sync.

I got better and I can see correct color now. But for a while my visual day was quite a trip.

As far as the tactile hallucinations or other things bothering me… I’ve been finding it’s all due what state I’m in. When I’m relaxed, my tactile hallucinations can be quiet nice and calming… mostly I feel fingers running gently through my hair. The visuals are just flutters here and there, the voices are just odd little things.

But when I’m panicked and hyper and wound up… it’s pin stabs, or my skin feels like it’s severely sun burnt, small things feel heavy and painful. The visuals get disturbing and my voices amp up into very horrid and ugly things…

My level of panic or anxiety will play a big part on how benign or horrid everything is.

Woah! I’ve totally started to get that moving trail lately. It’s really weird. Still interesting though. As for the 3d effect I’ve experienced that as well, except it’s with shadows. Some nights if I watch the shadows on the wall they just get an odd depth like that, or seem like they pop out. It seems we’ve experienced similar stuff!

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Yes I used to get these,

Color mini tornados zooming around the room red ones green ones purple ones blue ones. Swirls too

And shadow blobs they look like dark clouds, they would slowly move from one are then over me and I would feel them go into my body basically .gave me the ■■■■■■■ chills every time . For a while I thought it was evil energy and the colors were good energy.

I’d see auras or rainbows over things as well

Sometimes the floor would jump if that makes sense or I’d feel like the room was either way smaller or way bigger or maybe the walls were painted yet nothing had actually changed.

When I was real bad the floor would literally move like 4 ft up then back to normal it was messed up

Speaking of atypical hallucinations, last night it felt like I was on a boat. It felt like I was rocking back and forth over the waves. I was not asleep. It was strange but also somewhat relaxing. Lately I’ve felt kind of detached from my body, if that makes sense.

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It happens to me too… I’ve read here that others fight it off too.

Your not alone in your boat… I also get the boat rocking feeling… if I’m too still and too quiet for too long… I hate to say it… but I sort of like it.

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Ground breathing is definitely something I’m no stranger to, sometimes when I look at a photo its mouth will move as if it were trying to smile/frown. Shadowy figures occasionally (very rare now) show up, I’ll see them out of the corner of my eye constantly.
I will also sometimes see a flash of light slash through my sight as if someone shot an arrow in front of me.

I too feel depersonalized at times, particularly in the morning. Looks like we are all in the same boat on these things. However, Anna, those do seem a bit trippy as you put it.

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i had a dog too
either lights and almost not there - to removing cancer demons from my lungs at night to saying hello by floating up through the floor at me like a massive sheepdog

I’ve had the sparkles - and little lines on people’s faces like tracings a hell of a lot
I’ve seen knots of wood etc move a lot and sparkly indistinct things come out of the bed and floor

the odd figure or full on hallucination

When I read this post I was shocked.
I have always had a vivid imagination. I will see characters come to life on popcorn ceilings, textured walls, paintings, photographs, shadows, or feel emotions coming at me from inanimate objects. I see orbs, glitter, and rain in rooms sometimes, but it always rains when I’m hungry. I never stopped to think this was strange. I see things breathe all the time, but I always kinda thought it was a trick of the eye, like maybe just blood pumping in me makes things look like they’re breathing, but today my curiosity made me Google it and I’ve been led here. I didn’t know I was different. Is this schizophrenia?

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Funny I thought this too about some “hallucinations”. I tried looking some up to see what I could find out about them and well there were no results.

Seen the walls doing that “wave” stuff and even the T.V. screen. Seen the fences almost melt at a time when I got heated and walked outside to cool off.

Other things involve lights. Most all of it is benign though.

Felt like I was floating in space one time when laying down in bed. That was actually interesting.

Other stuff is weird and hard to explain like: thoughts feeling like they’re moving in water?

Yeah not all of it is scary.

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I say my personal view - “follow the green light and not the red one,” because I feel who at when and what to think is control by other, so our personality does not exist in full, whether we think this is my thoughts, so it is our soul that guide us to do right things in the form of colours, follow the thought that look green in colour.

I did do drugs, in fact they’re the reason that I have this illness. I occasionally get visual hallucinations where I see colors and experience what feels like chemicals recycling through my brain. It’s pretty disturbing and makes me wonder if it was bad LSD that I took.
You should mention them to your doctor. Visual hallucinations are not typical of a psychotic illness. They could be from something else.

Could you elaborate about your tactile hallucinations? 99% of my hallucinations these days are either tactile, or intrusive/seemingly inserted thoughts.

I thought thread title was “a typical hallucination” till I asked myself “what’s a typical hallucination?” o_0


I see things move. See colors with my eyes closed. When i was a kid i used to see zooming fractals. If i dob’t get much sleep i will see things move and swirl in low light and also will get closed eyed visions.

How do you see colors? I used to see red green or blue tornado swirls of colors swirling around. And dark clouds and purple light balls .