Atypical Hallucinations?

I don’t really get tactile stuff anymore. It used to be very intense. I could feel myself being touched, just like someone was touching me only they were invisible so I couldn’t see them. Unfortunately this progressed to molestation and even rape…it was pretty horrific/traumatizing. Now I don’t get anything like that, and I haven’t had anything like that in years. When I do get them now it just feels like someone is touching me like tickling my legs or arm or putting a hand on my shoulder/head. I’ve experienced some other painful things too but the stuff I mentioned was the most prominent.

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I have had visual hallucinations when I have been drugged, ill, or partially asleep, and even now it seems if I am watching what’s going on and not really being there. I have been diagnosed with sza but I never really hear voices that many people on here hear.

Ive had many of the same actually id say colors and water everywhere melting breathing vibrant forces your not alone i still see them all of the time