Visual hallucinations?

Simple: walls moving, breathing. Floor like waves, non geometrics sliding out of view. Like watching one of those illusion pictures and watching the lines melt and distort during a bout.

Complex: I’ll see ghosts, dead pets, gateways, angels. Statues will move and wink, shadow people creep around corners and dart in the open.

True: Only ever happens for brief seconds, And very rarely, usually in insightless psychosis. The entire world changes, the sky turns different colors. I’m not where I was, I’m in a new place, new time, new realm. Those scare me usually.

What kinds of visuals do you get? I just want to know I’m not alone I guess.

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Bugs scurrying across the floorboards, some people standing in my peripheral vision, everything looks electrified/moving, faces seem scary. You aren’t alone.



Thank you leaf

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Most of my visual hallucinations are shadow people. But I also get bugs on the wall and on me, though they usually are accompanied by tactile hallucinations. I also get weird trippy hallucinations, but those are rare.

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Simple ones: lights, shapes, shadows, colours…
Complex ones: dogs, cats, people etc.

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The only visible one I got was a menu displayed in the visible area, with a phone number of a local radio station written in it.

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Moving walls, definitely. I also see shadowy figures, spiders, dust flying around, etc.
Also the voices try to interfere with it as well.

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I lost my license when the demon appeared in the intersection and I drove head on into a green Peterbuilt semi tractor. The fire department found me in the trunk of my car still holding the steering wheel.

Any visual hallucinations I have now usually include the demon.

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Simple and complex.

Sometimes I see borders move and the wood grain on my floor swerve.

Also clouds shrink and grow.

Sometimes I see people or animal type things, monsters of some sort.

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I remember my last true hallucination. I was sitting in my back yard under the gazebo vaping, listening to music.

In a flash the music cut out and I was in a wheelchair, sitting in a hallway, blueish gray walls with crown molding, led lamps that hummed.

My arms and legs felt heavy, took effort hold myself, holding my head up was hard. My skin was wrinkled and thin, I was cold but had a blanket.

A woman was walking towards me, past a counter, Linda, one of my voices. Same as my “delusional” memories.

And boom, back in a flash. The voices proceeded to tell me that I was sick, needed to wake up. I came to thinking it was me, farther down in my life, that This world I’m experiencing now is just a fragmented memory to where I really am, sick, alone, lost in psychosis.

That took me a few days to get over. It was all just the Illness. A strange flash and vision formed from a misfiring mind.

I see bugs, mostly … I also see moving shadows, shapes and pieces, demons, pentagrams, angels, dead friends I used to have, heaven … Very annoying, really …

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hows heaven would love to see that

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I hate to say it but it’s kind of a personal thing, lots of things going on in our world these days — sorry but I don’t want to get into it …

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I saw a pit of fire and everyone crucifying me upside down on a cross and chucking me into the pit was super scary

I have simple hallucinations, like a carpet or wall moving, being blurry.

I have sometimes real hallucination I see for a second a man run away, once saw a beaver outside my window

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I have not seen many interesting things except one time thee was this colourful stick insect
another time there was this guy on the train and as if it was his spirit it kind of came out halfway of his body for a few seconds and then waved at me and then went back in his body.


this is the not so interesting one but I just used to see people all around me in public mainly, actin in correspondence to the hallucination things that they were saying or in correspondence to the mood delusion for instance

I was at a train station and it was eery. people were walking around like they were the walking dead.

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I get bugs and shadow people occasionally.

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I see black dots sometimes. They last for a few seconds. My voices told me it was them who was makeing me see it. They said they could make me see anything they want, I instantly thought of demons but they said they wouldn’t start with them.

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Every thing looks brighter and more buetiful like iam acid or some thing. My voices say cuz its because gods are inside me exerpnceing my life


I see bugs sometimes completely covering every inch of floor. When I open my fridge I see rotten food food and maggots on everything and severed body parts. The walls bleed. I see lights that move around and creatures on some ppl’s backs… I see little girls w long hair that look dead see ppl just standing there staring and not ever talking. They come at me so fast or I turn around and they r in my face… -i hate when they do that!! … I see dead people. I see people I don’t know but it’s scarier when I see people I do know that aren’t really there. I’ve invited them in and had conversations and the whole thing was a hallucination. I’ll see myself completely covered in black or in blood (I know it sounds cliche but its real – well to me lol )… I’ll see a clean kitchen and look away and look back and it hasn’t been touched since the last meal. When I put on clothes I’ll look down and it’s completely different than what I saw i put on. I see cats all the time everywhere. I forget that I don’t have one. And I have a twin that is real to me but no one else can see her. (And I don’t tell anyone about that actually this is really the first time I’m outing myself w it) and I cud go on forever with the visuals…and yea I’ve done that where I was hallucinating where I was like my whole surroundungs it’s all so weird and confusing and scary alot and maddening alot. I never get use to it and I’ve have schizo my whole life… I also hear alot of voices and screaming alot that I can’t see and alot of the ppl I see can interact with me physically so I apparently also have tactile hallucinations too… just saying so yea you are not alone.

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