Hallucinations: what are some of the things you've seen/see?

There was this hand that I saw this time I had my eyes closed. It had its index finger extended, it was pointing to the left. I heard a voice say, “OK, let’s get this thing started,” and then the hand began moving to the left, as if it were inside my head. There was a button there, which the finger pressed.

One time, I saw a rotating swastika made of light…

Once, I saw this strange spiky swirling plant-thing…

And there was a rainbow spiral with these two dark spots in it…

…Tom (of Tom and Jerry)'s crying face…

…basically this neon sign (in my mind), but I can’t for the life of me remember what it said…

…this thing that looked like a two-armed spiral galaxy on my hand…

…little, moving beads of light…

…What are some of the things you’ve seen? Are they anything like mine?

When my head circus is ready to play… all consuming flame. (I was in a house fire when I was 14 and my kid sis was 3. We both ended up in the burn unit)

Faces coming out of the walls. Pulsating light, ghosts, furniture growing and shrinking, bats fluttering around, my family when they aren’t around. Huge room sized spiders.

Lots of light flashing, dimming. My sis is now 17, but sometimes I see her 6 year old self walking around.

For the calm times, there is a tuxedo cat just walking around my apartment. Just out of the corner of my eye, floating around, just an old cat. My walls bend and my windows will sort of ripple.

There are times my color is off. By that I mean, bananas are orange, the sky the water or my blue shirt look vibrant purple. Stop signs look brown, White looks pink, Grass or trees look blue. My bath water will look rust and blood red.

Alot of the things that shaman see i have seen, to get a good idea watch “graham hancock’s angel’s, aliens, elves, and ayahuasca” video.

I’ve seen an alien, it was what they call a grey, didn’t appear physical but i honestly have trouble remembering that one, i just can’t for the life of me remember the details and only that there was grey, imagine that huh, i see an alien and can’t remember the details of what happened.

A ufo, perfect triangle and very very close to the ground, almost hovering, no noise, appeared physical.

A satyr, “pan” some would call them, appeared physical.

A ghost, looked human, not physical.

A being made of light inside of a tree, i heard “ssshhhhhh” next to my head while looking at her. She didn’t have a face, only white light where a face should be.

What appeared to be an entity became the movie i was watching visually, he became a character and slowly turned around staring at me grinning, he put his hands on his hips and kind of began to prance or some shyte, it was strange, i don’t think people have done that kind of walk for some time.

One evening i looked over at the kitchen and there was a light breathing in there, it shouldn’t have been there and was dimming and getting brighter in a timely fashion, i walked outside to get away from it and my neighbors tree was flashing violently and waving around like an animation and i walked closer and looked at my tree. There was a very large image of a snake staring at me, and oh shyte was it pissed off, it was a king cobra i think, it was made of light and was the size of a fairly large tree.

I also saw lion or snake eyes at the beginning of my first psychosis, just staring at me, fairly stressful to go through because i knew who it was.

And then once a witch in a bar, who told me he was a witch after the fact, made me hallucinate also. He cited some of his dry dead poetry and while he was saying it the lights began to dim slowly and his face began to change, the final result was a very dark room with this horrendously evil dude missing hair and teeth grinning at me and staring me down, and all the while the dark poetry being spoken, when he stopped the hallucination/vision ceased and everything was back to normal, he then barked at me that “im a black witch!” It was rather funny because i just stared at him, i didn’t react at all and just stared back at him, i don’t think he was expecting that and honestly i didn’t really give a shyte what he was and didn’t ask either.

The bus driver also had what appeared to be elf or faery ears, appeared entirely physical, just large pointy ears, i had to look away because it was overwhelming to me and morbid having my brain spoken to and screwed with.

Thats about all that i care to remember right now.

“Hey voice, if you didn’t want people to know you’d give us all kinds of hallucinations wouldn’t you.” I ask.

“Yep, we do do that, it confuses things entirely, one guy sees this the other sees that, and boom you have a made up disease!” They say.

And i almost forgot, faces, but not just anywhere, faces in the clouds, trees, mountains, rocks. They are made of things that we normally see.

Some of these very detailed faces seem to be really there, it’s like a 3-d image that can be seen when the brain is more aware of what this is made of, they are everywhere actually and could denote an intelligence behind things.

And oh yeah, i was shocked while a face made of light appeared, it grinned at my pain and fear and had fangs.

And oh yeah, then another face made of light appeared while my hand was burned, it also left two marks for awhile.

I saw angels in the walls when I started getting ill. I had a dog (not a real dog).
I saw spirits fly around me telling me to stay out of the light. Faces, evil faces, staring at me on walls, on the floor, everywhere. Walls moving. Portals to another dimension.

J, could you leave out some kitty treats for that tuxedo cat please.
I think it’s our kitty from my ex’s shop that has gone missing. She is also the momma kitty of our 4 gosh-darn cute kitties at our house.

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I see dark figures of human beings, they just stand still and watch me.

the scariest thing that ive seen, i was lying down in the dark listening to music loud to try and drown out “unwanted noises”. I rolled over and there was this huge man, at least 7 foot tall standing next to my bed with knife in his hand cocked back, accept his face was dead. Half flesh half skull. He was only there for two seconds and as soon as he appeared, through my loud music, i heard a man scream “RUN NOW”.
■■■■ kept me up for like three days straight.

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Thanks for the responses. Really interesting.

I’ve seen dark figures a few times, but they’ve never been directly threatening. Disturbing and creepy, yes, but never directly threatening.

I’ve seen a few faces. Once, I was lying on my back, and I looked up and saw three heads made of light looking down on me. They all looked the same. Kind of medieval; they were wearing helmets.

Portals to another dimension. Interesting, @Comatose. I’d be curious to find out what that looked like. I also saw what I thought was an angel, in a sort of uniform.

I saw a face of light, too, @pansdisease. It was a sort-of-cartoon devil’s face. I was looking in the mirror, and it appeared over my reflection.

That witch thing would have freaked me out. I’m glad that you handled it so well.

I recently saw a lion’s face. It was the first hallucination I had had in a long time. But it was really vivid. Made of red and white light.

Curious that so much of what we’ve seen, or at least what I’ve seen, was made of “light”. I wonder what that means.

OH! I just remembered! God, I can’t believe I’ve forgotten about this for so long. I had some serious alien visions, too. One of them was a grey, like you say, and apparently, they communicated with lights in their eyes. That’s why their eyes are so big.

@SurprisedJ, sorry to hear about that fire. Sounds terrible. But that cat thing seems cool. Maybe it’s a spirit guide! (Or something.)

in 2000 my first psychosis i hallucinated the devil in a ape form, the fear drove me insane added with voices delusions. shattered i was

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When I am not well, I have visual hallucinations commonly. The most flamboyant grandiose hallucination of them all for me was when I saw 2 women standing by the road dressed in bizarre old fashioned costumes - kind of like female pilgrims. One was looking down and standing straight and tall, the other figure was by her side - this vision took place across the street from a cemetery. I was driving my car when this happened. I looked in my rear view mirror when I passed them by and I saw sparks of colors and they were gone


I see spiders most commonly. I also see bugs, cats, shadow people, real looking people (twice). I have also seen real things. A representation of God as a bright flickering light, and my Grandmother, several weeks after she died. When I was 5 or so, I saw a giant dinosaur made up of Christmas lights.

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That I witnesses as well. Took about an hour watching it before I breathed to loud I guess, and suddenly, like a light switch flipped off, the entire line of beings, the outstretched hand, the go between, the bright white light when the gate opened, all within a flash faded back into nothing, and my living room looked like it did in the daytime.

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First time I eaxperienced it I was 17 yeas old. Me and my friend were in a Dark room, preparing photos. It was pitch dark. Suddenly I realize I see exactly everything in that dark room. I tell my friends to try me out with showing fingers and I counted right every time. We laughed until she started screaming. She saw someting darker than dark behind me. Like a portal. So she could barely see me standing infront of it. We ran out of the room and the portal was gone.

Iv’e seen portals after that. But not in dark rooms. Saw one in the hospital. It’s like the walls become transparent and in different layers.

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I saw a shadow man one time

I saw orbs once, plain as day. Someone was with me who saw it too so I’m not sure what to think about it. That was a strange time in my life.

I saw people, toys, cars, bicycles, and all sorts of things moving around. Those were my first hallucinations. But, on a global scale, one way of describing today’s human brain at work, is that it is experiencing a case of globally shared deception/hallucination. I say, “globally shared deception/hallucination”, for the following reasons…

People see cars stop, move, move faster, slow down, and stop again. However, a simple analysis of “motion”, via the use of nothing but the mind, soon leads you to seeing the fact that all cars are constantly in motion, and that they never stop moving. This constant motion applies to all objects. All that can be done is change the direction of this constant motion as it is constantly on the go within a 4 dimensional structure known as Space-Time.

This simple ABC analysis of motion soon has you independently understanding Special Relativity, and it also has you independently, and successfully, creating all of the Special Relativity equations with absolute ease. (To watch this easy breezy analysis of motion in action, goto youtube videos 1-9 at http://goo.gl/fz4R0I )

Thus, those who see objects, such as cars, speed up and slow down etc., are those whom are obviously “Seeing something that isn’t really there.”. They are experiencing hallucinations.

Now if the outward extension of the mind is reduced to an even smaller scale, via drugs or whatever, then the magnitude of the ongoing hallucinations are magnified even further, magnified to an even greater scale than the hallucinations that are shared on a global scale.

However, it is also to be noted that if the outward extension of the mind is extending to an even greater degree than that which is being currently shared on a global scale, and thus it brings you even closer to being 100% in touch with reality via the reduction in the scale of hallucinations, the global majority will classify you as a psychotic whom is experiencing hallucinations, all simply because you are able to see what they are unable to see.

Thus if the extension of your mind is either less, OR MORE, than the extension that is currently being shared on the global scale, you are classified as psychotic and detached from reality.

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One time at 3:00 am I heard an Indian war cry. It was really loud and spooky. It kept changing in inflection and lasted about ten seconds. I sometimes heard people talking to me from way down the street - to far away to hear. Sometimes I don’t know if what I am hearing is real or not. Lately I’ve been hearing female counselor wailing inside their office. I hear it plain as day, but I know it can’t be real.

I see faces in things like a hedgerow or anything actually when I took lsd or mushrooms that would happen more often LOL

Rabid packs of black dogs

When I was a little kid I saw all kinds of crazy things, paintings moving and talking, little people running around in my blankets, so much stuff. But most of that went away when I got older.

Now I see stuff that sounds trippy and makes everyone think I’m on drugs but I’m not. I see lights, bright and colorful. They swirl around. I also see the floor swirl around and move like in waves. I’ve seen walls melt. Sometimes stuff disappears, like I’ll be looking at my fan and the blades slowly vanish, like they get eaten by the lights. I also see objects swell like they’re breathing (made me think toys were alive as a kid lol).

I also have pretty extreme pareidolia (I see faces in everything-distorted ones), have seen messages in clouds, I also get vivid closed-eye hallucinations and I’ve seen REAL crazy stuff in those.

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