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Explain your visual hallucinations


What do you see or think you see.

How intense are your visuals

Are they fueled by paranoia?

What are they


I don’t really have any, but when I’m really ill or very tired, the floor seems to be moving in small waves, and the furniture appears to be breathing


I see things quite a bit. One thing I see is the fedora man. He’s a very pronounced shadow figure, that is very tall wearing a fedora and trench coat smoking a cigarette.

I see gremlins little bastards that I dont always see but hear often.

Shadow people are a common occurrence the use to be just outside but they some how got in. My therapist thinks the shadow people may just be good that they are trying to replace beliel the gargoyle


My visual hallucinations are very dangerous. I see men with stoned eyes looking like goons and men with stoned eyes who point to me to go to certain religious sites.

I once saw a metal glass falling from the table and coming and standing upright …right next to me… I was 3 meters away from the table and it happened.


I see other people. Like John Nash did in a Beautiful Mind.


It started as sparkles. Different colors.

Then round circles of color.

Then I started seeing more complex shape, like the bat symbol, or angel wings on my back even though I was not looking behind me or in a mirror.

Then I started seeing bugs.

Then animals. Especially a black cat after my cat died. I often still see my dogs even though I moved out.

Then the bugs again because bugs in the apartment.

They come and go.


It will usually start off with thinking I saw things in the corner of my vision, then I’ll turn and nothing will be there. When it’s worse I’ll see people and bugs. Also shadow people, which seems to be much more common on this forum than I had thought before I joined. I have a demon I see named Dip, but I hear him much more than I see him. I don’t have any hallucinations as far as I know on the medicine I’m on at the moment.
Also, I just realized you asked about paranoia being related to it. It’s ironic in a way I think, because some of my hallucinations make me paranoid, and when I’m more paranoid I have hallucinations.


I would see shadows creeping up around me and clouding my field of vision which would shrink when I swatted them away before growing again when I stopped. That hasn’t happened since I started taking my medicine. Also objects would distort in a way that made them seem sinister or random. That also doesn’t happen as often. I blame the beings for it, though now that I think about it, they never explicitly claimed responsibility. One off things also happen occasionally, like seeing a lady’s face turn into a monster and seeing a floating hand grab my backpack at school. I also see things moving out of the corners of my eyes that stop moving when I look at them directly. The medicine lessens this.


I see creatures. My oldest vision is one I call the cow skulled man he stands in my parents bedroom and just watches. He hates loud noises and will scream if you disturb him.

My second oldest is a black dog with a Cheshire grin he follows me

Then there’s fred he’s a tentacle monster he steals my pens

Then there are these fish the swim through the air its very relaxing to watch them


My visuals can get intense.
I can see people and objects appear.
Not so much on Risperidone but it could happen off meds.


All of my visual hallucinations happen in my minds eye but are so vivid it’s as if they’re right there. The main one I see is the demon. He calls himself Beelzabub. He screams in my face and has raped me on numerous occasions. I see entities walking up and down our hallway. I have visions of things nightmares are made of. I used to see the devil and the girl from the Ring in addition to the demon.

Before I got sick I saw with my eyes a customer come in to the store I was working in with a gun on his hip. He didn’t have it when he left. I also saw my toes as hairy as a mans.

It took me years to realize the demon couldn’t hurt me. But I do feel his presence.:sun_with_face:


I can’t look at my face in the mirror anymore… Its sad. I had very intense hallucinations of my eyes changing color and then my face warping to look like some kind of wolf. When I close my eyes sometimes I see faces.

After that happened I had paranoia that I was a werewolf or that I was possessed by a wolf demon.


I didn’t realize that visualizations taking place in headspace counted. If so, mine tend to be bizzare. There are sometimes distorted people, anthropomorphic animals doing strange things, monsters, etc.


Before Meds I saw things. On most occasions I would see shadow figures that looked humanoid. I would also see a blue line in front of me and red eyes staring at me as I tried to sleep. Sometimes I would see flashes of bright light, or white light in humanoid forms. I thought that the shadows were demons and the lights were angels. The shadows were far more common than the light. It was interesting to me cuz I had a dream when I was about 15 years old more like sleep paralysis where I thought God spoke to me, and when I saw Jesus I was expecting to see typical features but He was light in the shape of a man. One time I saw a shadow figure in a parking lot that scared the hell out of me. It moved slowly across the parking lot as a voice kept telling me to watch it. It eventually went up to a car and hit it with its fists. A second later the car alarm went off of the same car that it hit and the shadow figure then vanished. Another time when I was in middle school before I started hallucinating I was in the school library and saw a shadow man come into the library and walk past me and go through the book shelves. Then it later came back out and left through the door the same way it came. I was going to tell my sister about it cuz at that point in my life seeing shadow figures was not normal. But before I could tell her she started telling me that she saw a shadow figure come through the shelves stare at her and then go back. When we discussed where we saw and when we saw it we both saw a shadow figure in the same place at the same time on the same day.


I think when my mind is overwhelmed i create a pic in my head…and since all that we see are actually in our brain. I assume the hallucination is in the room but actially its just a made up pic in my head.

I can tell whether the weird thing im seeing actually exists or am i seeing something that doesnt exist. One time i saw something that exists but others could not see.


I see shadow people that form on the walls and melt away into the corners when I’m very stressed, they were the worst when I was in restraints cuz I felt like I couldn’t escape from them.


even on medicine i have some minor visual stuff like bands of light or color or things breathing or moving

my most intense/scary hallucinations were of aliens in the windows watching me. they were never SUPER solid, kind of like a ghostly image, sorta translucent, but still scared me to death. it would get worse if i thought about or read about or watched anything with aliens in it


This will be a lot. I should warn you.

Visuals are my most common hallucinations. For a while I saw them everyday, it’s somewhat better now but i still see them 5/7 days of the week.

My most common is shadow figures. They are very dark in color, darker then black. I first saw shadow men when I was a child.

I also see shadow animals. I commonly see shadow dogs chasing the car I’m driving in at night. Once I saw a shadow frog hopping in front of me. I’m not scared of them.

I’ve written down the visual hallucinations I’ve experienced in the past 6 months. I’ve seen realistic cats, I’ve mistaken leaves for a dead bunny, see faces in carpets and wood and such.

I’ve seen little stuff too, like a hazy mirage (I walked around and inspected it and it didn’t go away) sparkles, spiders, colourful orbs.

I also experience internal hallucinations, at night when I close my eyes I see quite a lot of abstract things I can’t really explain because they are random and quickly changing. If I don’t like what I see I can somewhat manipulate it (I can’t choose what I see, however I can change it)

sometimes these hallucinations slip through into reality, when I open my eyes it covers my entire surroundings like a filter.

(Example, once I saw a weird pattern of Mickey Mouse, a red ball, and a green ball. When I opened my eyes, it was still there, just overtop of everything else. Why Mickey Mouse I have no fucking idea)

Another common hallucination I experience is bright neon shapes. I’ve seen these since I was a child as well.

Some of them are orbs that fly around, some of them are random things like vividly bright snails, some change shape. (Example, I saw a neon praying mantis on my ceiling that morphed into a nuclear mushroom cloud)

I’ve seen walls breathing. I’ve seen demon eyes staring at me in the dark. When I am very upset they tend to get worse.

I went to a class to help with social anxiety at my local mental health center. I had a very bad time, and ended up running out of the room, having three panic attacks, and puking. Building up to this I saw UFO’s on the ceiling and Arabic writing on the walls.

I have insight though. I almost always know that what I’m seeing isn’t there. If it looks realistic, I ask if someone else sees it too. Nothing really scares me. Other then the idea that I might possibly see a ghost and assume it’s just in my head.

My pdoc says im experiencing something called ‘micro hallucinations’ :roll_eyes:

My GP and I both disagree. I don’t think my pdoc knows ■■■■(at least, I haven’t talked to him enough for him to know my situation)


I saw the devil once. ghosts. once a real bat at 4am looked like it was laughing at me


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