At work for 2 years full time!

After a diagnosis of sz about 37 years ago I went back to work part time 7 years ago. Then I went back to work full time 2 years ago. The stress I’ve learned to manage and things are going. Work has given me purpose and inspires me. As a peer support specialist I try to model recovery!


So awesome. Congratulations to you for this!



Congrats! I hope things stay swell with your job :slight_smile:


Congratulations. That’s quite an accomplishment. Something to be proud of.


Well done. Very cool that you stuck with it and are now successful! You deserve some credit!


I’ve heard that people with schizophrenia tend to get full/almost full recovery at around 30 years after diagnosis. I was diagnosed at 25 and now 39 so maybe at around 55 I might get back to part time.

How were you like at 15 years after the diagnosis?


Congratulations, it seems like your passion have helped you to conquer the situation.

At 15 years I was still isolating and not getting out into the community much. My world revolved around seeing my psychiatrist, and visiting with myparents. Ya it gets easier as we get older I think. I’ve worked hard at learning as much as possible about the disorder though. Good luck to you. Work and purposful living is possible adn encouraged.


Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

This is inspiring, thank you for the post :slightly_smiling_face:

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I went to full time work 3 years after diagnose of sz but went into second psychosis attack after 4 years of full time work. Now I am really scared to work full time. Simpje, would you please let me know how you manage to work full time. Your respond will be appreciated.
At the moment I do 2 and a half days work where I have the anxiety around using all my brain energy and making me more ill. Is that a fact that if you concentrate on things too long you damage your brain?
many thanks

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Gosh, I’m impressed!

Nice to know that it’s possible. I worked 4.5 yrs part-time once, then had some bad luck. You might inspire me to go out and try it again.

Congrats on that accomplishment! I am only able to work part time right now. I experimented with working fulltime during my ticket to work trial period, but I had mini breakdown after mini breakdown, and I never really made much progress with my recovery.

I also started having to take benzos again when I worked FT, something I haven’t been able to give up even being part time now.

I’d like to think some day I could do FT work again, and this gives me hope. Thanks.

Hey Muyesser,

Frankly, I was prety overwhelmed the first three months of working full time. But they were pretty understanding. I would get physically

shakey from all the stress. Now I’ve learned to manage the stress. I do try to pace myself more at work now. And when I get home I hae

kind of a routine to relax myself. I take a short nap, take a shower and then go for a walk. This works for me. As far as using all your brain energy

I’m not sure. I’m not a scientist but I do feel like some times if I try to do too much I will feel over loaded mentally.


Congratulations! That is really inspiring. I hope I can do the same one day. :grinning:

That sounds very encouraging to hear. I’ve been in treatment for 14 years and still impossible to work no matter how much effort I make, or it’s like the more effort I make the more likely I get a relapse. So I try not to think about work atm and just concentrate on housework and hobbies. I also isolate myself and that gives me peace in mind.

One more thing I would like to ask you is is it possible to enjoy leisure times while working full time, not only walking, etc? Such as hobbies or travel?

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Congratulations for working that’s great

I have not worked full time since 2001, i am curious about working. I get ssdi that pays the rent…Does SS train you? I have no skill except typing on the computer since I have been on the computer since 1999.I am wondering what kind of work I could do. I did work for 8 years before my breakdown in 2001. I think working at a convenient store was way too stressful. thats the only experience I have but that is 20 years ago. I want SS to train me and give me a good job. Is that possible? I know that mississippi has a ticket to work program. How does that work. I would like to do something on the computer actually. I want to do something I like, that will motivate me to stick around. I just dont see me flipping burgers at MacDonalds…UGH!!!

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LOOOOOOOOOL 30 years from diagnosis to start working and 35 years to start working full time.
Better late than never I guess :grin: