Advice for working full time please

I will be starting a full time job in a few weeks after I graduate college. I’ve done well in school and proved I can function independently. I’m excited about the job but I could use some good advice from those who work full time and manage with sz.


Good for you @thomas.


Thank you. It’s not going to be easy but I’m determined to find a way to make it work.

Congrats on making it through college and getting a job.
I think for me manage your stress and anxiety.
Finding ways to stay focus and not distracted.
But sounds like you been doing well so far.


Thank you, managing stress is gonna be huge. I’m thinking about getting a therapist just to talk through my paranoia on a weekly basis.

I’ve been doing well in school but it hasn’t been easy, and full time work is a whole other beast. I appreciate the e positivity though, def need that.

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Congrats! 151515

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That will be a big help and keep you grounded. The office / work environment can be intimidating but you seem really ready and up for the challenge. Again Gratz.


I worked 10+ years post diagnosis and wanted to give up / in - don’t let an episode or psychosis stop you. If that happens confide in someone at the office and ask for medical leave without disclosing SZ. But having a therapist will help you navigate if you experience that.


Thank you, that’s the kind of wisdom I need to hear. Congrats to you that you worked/work that long with SZ. That’s so encouraging and gives me hope.

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Just keep going one step at a time when your not feeling well.

To be a realist, you will have bad days where you have to get up and go to work anyways, and probly hide your symptoms.

So accepting that you wont always operate at a top level will help you from getting really frustrated.

Ive had a string of weeks of lack motivation and lack of focus lately probably about 6+ weeks so far im hoping it lets up soon. Mines probably depressed mood as the issue. Because before i was highly motivated and a bit grandiose.

Im ok with the odd voice but the lack motivation is a tough one to grind through


Thanks for the advice. “Being OK with not being OK” basically. I’ve heard that phrase and it’s stuck with me.

I am mostly worried about the paranoia creeping up. Every job I’ve held I eventually started thinking people didn’t like me and were either talking bad about me or purposely ignored me etc. I knew it wasn’t real but I still felt it anyways, as anyone with sz knows. I think I will have to have a therapist to talk through the paranoia every week, I don’t care the cost.

That is tough, dealing with the lack of motivation. Sounds like you are able to just grind through the tough days and weeks, and I really envy that. I hope I can do the same. I also hope things get better for you and the motivation comes back, or at least feel more on top of your game. Maybe you are just exhausted? I don’t pretend to know. Than you again.

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Yeah thats the phrase i was thinking of.

You can just try to do reality checks for the paranoia and keep your therapist informed to help you logically deal with it. And if its out of hand the psychiatrist can help adjust things.

Thanks man, yeah i go through stages of exhaustion too so i figure ill bounce back eventually.

I was just thinking today that maybe im not getting enough calories since i started exercising more. So ill add some good calories and see how that goes.

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if you got a post-colledge job you can certainly handle a job situation. you have good social skills. maybe stress will go up at first til you adapt then you will feel confortable. dont worry. guns & roses: i never worry because worrying is a waste of my time.

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Don’t doubt your ability saying because of sz I cant do that and this,
Other important thing to note is, You are going to work and earn not to socialise.

I had made that mistake, I used to hang out with team mates for break fast, lunch and tea breaks, where my attention span was less, as it takes time to resettle or focus back to work.
And ended working out of hours, where they completed their work on time.

I wish I could go back to work and focus only on work and income and enjoy the holidays.

And Yeah always try to enjoy your hard earned money in the week end, If you are not enjoying for what you have earned, you will feel the job is hectic.

Do take leave for vacations and travel,
Don’t give your 100% just 90% is sufficient. IMO


Try to pace yourself for a long run!

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