Full time jobs!

Anybody out there hold down a Jon for more than 3 years with sz?:nerd_face:

I’ve been at my current job for about 4 years, however it’s only been about 2 years since the onset of my first psychosis.


hi jeff. I’ve been with my job too long to tell!!

if the staff would be nicer to me I would love it there, but they aren’t so I am in a quandary of what to do about it. the nastiness won’t go away.


“Hold down a Jon?” So you just calling us all prostitutes now? :wink:


I’ve had schizophrenia for over fifteen years and I have been in my current job for five. I was, however, in a bit of a remission for ten years up til my last psychosis last year which was a doozie.

Luckily my employer is very accommodating and allowed me to have most of last year off and put me on a return to work plan with an occupational therapist when I came back last november.

Now I think I am close to ending the time with the occupational therapist because I am in a good team with good work to do and am happy working full time hours for three days per week.

I wish you luck. Depending on the feel you get from your supervisor, it might be worthwhile opening up about your diagnosis just so they are aware you might have off days. They might even try to help you with work to prevent stress since stress can lead to psychosis.


Thanks for the great advice! I’ve gotten myself into a good routine and the stress is manageable. I work at a company called Telecare. We give support to and help out those with serious mental illness like sz and bipolar. I told one of my co workers I was diagnosed with depression rather than deal with the ignorance and stigma as one diagnosed with sz

Have an awesome week Turtle! Later!


I was diagnosed in 1980. I’ve worked almost steadily since 1983, but mostly part-time. But I’ve been asked to work a 40 hour week many times. So I’ve done it. I’ve been at my current job as a janitor for 5 years, working three days a week.


I’ve worked part time jobs up to about 3 years i think… Maybe 2 and a half. But i moved on to other opportunities… I wasn’t fired or inhibited by my illnessillness. But currently im not even up to part time workwork… Maybe i could.

Awesome! Well done!

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i tell myself i am high functioning but still i may never be ready for a proper job, i do voluntary work 2 hrs on a monday and i may have a bigger role as project administrator coming up but its not real work