Work and illness

I was just posting this out of curiosity how meny of yous work part time/full time this isn’t posted to embarrass or shame anybody just wondering at what stage in your illness you had to give up work completely if so I work 40 hours a week in construction I had 2 weeks off there and it felt like my symptoms went away somewhat now I’m back and it seems to h w for worst

I started working when I was 16. I had 3 different bouts of disability lasting a year or so. I worked til I was 46 and I’ve been on disability since then. Hoping to go back to work soon, I’m kinda hoping for next spring.

I worked steady until my late twenties,

A traumatic event spun me out of control and into a monster episode.

Since, work at home.

The problem is the people, not the actual work, so I chill at home and write instead of going into an office.

But in reality, its not much work, like at all.

The pressure to get any article worth a lot of money done, is enough to just push me right over the edge.

I used to thrive on that, now it just breaks me up.

So, I do little work, from home.

Maybe I’ll work in an office again, maybe.

I got my first job when I was 17 (I lied on my application and said I was 18 because to work past 10:00 pm in California you have to be at least 18). Anyways, in the next two years I had about 14 different jobs. At age 19 I got diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and due to my disease I didn’t work for the following three years. At age 23 I got a job, worked their 4 years and I have been working almost steadily ever since at various jobs. And I’m 56 now.


Thank yous for the help I’m at a stage where I’m needing to think about not working for a while my parter says she would support us financially but it’s embarrassing

i am working almost full time and it isn’t always easy to get along with the co-workers. sometimes they’re nice and sometimes they’re mean.


FIRst job age 17
Worked different jobs up to age 28
On the newer drugs not worked since
Worked while on stelazine but had problems in a different way
Been volunteer working for three years
Hope get paid work in future

Worked full time till diagnosed at 29.

Worked full time after that in a stint in America for two years. I’m Australian

Worked 4 months full time when I came back to Aus.

Been on disability since 2004 besides those two things!

Do you actually say “yous”? Because I keep reading it that way, but maybe it’s just a typo. Or maybe it’s your accent and you’re being kind enough to type it in.

Anyways, howwa yous guys?

What difference does it make if I spelled it incorrectly or not I asked for advice on work and a illness not a lesson in spelling

I work part time and also pick up hours. It gets difficult at times, especially with paranoia as bad as I have it. I just take it a step at a time.

Well I worked while I studied at Uni until 21. I fell ill at 23 with schizophrenia and I have been out of action since. I’m 28 now. I get really down about it. I have recovered from schizophrenia though and I have done a little voluntary work.

I’m 22, I have never worked but I ‘control’ my grandmother. :slight_smile: