Asked a girl out and got rejected

It’s normal for a girl to reject you. What’s weird is when they say yes.


Hell, I worked shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of guys who were 19-25, 4 or 5 days a week on a crew unloading trucks in my mid-thirties. I did it four years and not one of them knew I was mentally ill or schizophrenic. Not only that, after about 4 months me and one other guy were the top workers there. I was 35 and outworked all those guys for almost two years including all the new guys we got every now and then.


Interested to know
Did you ask her out face to face or online

Howdy there!

I don’t think I have seen you around the forum before but you don’t seem to be new.

Nice to meet you.:slightly_smiling_face:

Good on you for asking.
Imagine if you never asked and regretted it.

I want to ask a woman out on a date but her family owns the place where I agist so I don’t want things to be awkward or inappropriate but I am really keen and interested still.
When we have settled in a bit more I might ask her out for a coffee with me.

I don’t understand did this girl understand you asked her out?
It wasn’t a misunderstanding?

Praiseworthy! But not in line with the current topic, Nick :laughing:

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As you might be aware - i had a similar experience when i asked someone out - and got rejected. Just try to not let it batter your self-confidence too much, like i let it do to me. At least you had the balls to try, after all if you dont ask - you dont get! :slight_smile:

Ah if they reject you just tell em their pretty tough and you could hire them as your bodyguard :slight_smile::blush::hugs:

She might have rejected you for other reasons than you having an illness. There are multiple reasons why she said no. So don’t feel bad about it. Keep looking and try not to let it get to you. You seem like a very nice person even though you are a complete stranger to me. But I wouldn’t object to get to know you. Thank you for posting this. I hope you feel better and don’t let it get you down. Keep looking and know that you are worthy of being loved by someone.

I rejected 5-7 women in my life. Some were alright looking, some pretty now, but at the time most were ugly or I was too scared, had low self esteem, or was too in my head focused on school. I regret it. I could have had some easy action lol.

You are very brave…be happy at least you got the answer that she is not the right girl

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Why are we saying “chick”

I guess this implies she’s a young woman

but come on.


You after a bunch of baby chickens?

Where’d this come from???

Woman = Chick

Chickens can’t speak English or can go dating.

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I speak from experience that most ladies do not like to be called chicks. Just a word of advise. A chick is baby chicken.


Alright chick :hatched_chick:

A woman being called a “chick” depends on the woman. Some women don’t mind it, other women do such as yourself.


I myself can think of worse things to be called
To me chicks are quite cute but maybe that is offensive

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I’m not too keen on “lady” either

it assumes she’s prime and proper and has good manners.


I am probably wrong, but I know I’d rather be called a lady than a chick. That’s just a personal preference. Or you could just call me by my name. That works too.

Hey, next time try something more original! Don’t give up, there’s always room to improve :wink:

With that said, I think you must see your next girl as an opportunity to show that you can improve, do something more respectful and different :sweat_smile:

Failing is part of the game, don’t give up!
Good luck :grin:

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