Asked a girl out and got rejected

So i just asked a chick out and she didn’t respond at all.

I’m feeling embarrassed, rejected, sad, lonely, and anxious now.

Embarrassed, rejected and sad made sense but I didn’t expect so deeply lonely afterwards. Also, the anxiety is very uncomfortable.

I don’t know why I’m posting. I guess I just needed to get it off of my chest to try and relieve some of these negative feelings.


At least you had the guts to ask. I never asked a girl out. I asked this one girl out for coffee one time on facebook but she never responded. She lived like 500+ miles away though lol. :yum:


Thank you for posting this positive response


Sounds like u liked her. I’ve often felt that way when I was rejected only to discover time later I didn’t care n was happy it didn’t work out. If she’s not for u… why waste time?


She probably did you a favour. If she didn’t even have the class to repond then you had a lucky escape.

Plenty of fish in the sea.


Man, thank you guys so much for responding. These were things I was telling myself to try and console myself but it just feels so much better to hear it from someone else. It really helps. Just that little bit and I feel so much lighter.


What if a chick that you didn’t like asked you out?

What if a chick that you did like asked you out?

It’s all a numbers game. I get rejected a lot but you gotta keep trying. Obviously not with the same person, if someone turns you down or is not even classy enough to respond you gotta respect that and move on, but if you keep putting your feelers out there eventually you’ll get a yes.

Dating is like fishing, the fish dont always bite, but when they do it’s a blast.


such things must always be handled by a professional… usually, you take it slow, just be around the target, doing the usual group stuff, after target has grown accustomed to your presence, that’s when you make friends with subject’s circle - and from subject circle, you send one of the subject’s friends to tell subject you have a crush on subject | subject will have time to enjoy the thought, and that’s when you personally ask - after the imagination has had time to think a path for you :smile: :sunny:


I totally agree that asking a girl out on a date is a numbers game. The odds of a girl to say “yes” to the quality of a girl to say “yes”.

Congrats for trying. A surprisingly large number of singles won’t even take that first step!

Now the goal should be to let go of her and find a new prospect. Just ghost her.

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Definitely give you props for having the guts to ask someone out.
Last time I tried I was laughed at.
Try, try again, I guess…

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Hey if you ever get knocked down just get right back up. Right :slightly_smiling_face:

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Old stats were we have to come across 300 people in one way or another before we find a match, not sure how they reached that number but sounds right
So failing on one effort is no big deal really, just keep on trying

Ok, i am feeling better. Thank you to all that responded. I’m impressed by the support on the forum.

I agree that it is a numbers game and that i should have made friends with her friends first. I had that opportunity but kind of blew it.

In the end though, if I would have played the long game she probably would have broken my heart anyways.

Well I’m a girl and I got rejected too. I just dont have the guts to ask anyone out right now.

I’m a woman. This may not be relatable to you but I just watched a woman on youtube tallking about her schizoeffective and it didn’t look obvious at all. She looked nice and appeared well balanced. I wouldn’t have known if I met her in public. It gave me hope.


You were brave to ask! That’s hard for anyone to do. I think having friends in your life will help with the loneliness. Good luck in the future!


dude, congrats! you miss 100% of the shots you dont take. to me being man enough to take a chance is all that really counts. if she doesnt respond youll get over it. There are plenty of fish in the sea

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I got rejected by every single girl I’ve ever asked out in person. I think it’s about 8 people. I had to turn to online dating to get a girlfriend, and it was the best decision I made. That was all before I had sza.