Are you sometimes afraid to be yourself

And the brain kind of goes weird?

I get that.

It’s called depersonalisation

I talk about it on here about once every 6 months because it is the biggest challenge in my life, I believe.

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Often but I also struggle with not knowing who I am


Yeah, its hard. I shut down alot of the time and have strange thoughts about what a human is.


It’s been a long time since I had DP. Actually two and a half years ago in July when the memory of my sexual assault came back to me while driving. I didn’t know where my hands ended and the steering wheel began. Horrible experience.

Good thing I had access to some serious therapy.



That sounds scary. I’m glad you got intensive therapy.

For me, it just feels like I’m not really in control of myself, and everything outside myself feels kind of not real in a sense. When it happens the DP;
I mean I have control, but it feels warped somehow.

Thanks for sharing

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No, I’m pretty as crazy in person as I am on the forum lol.


Haha, that’s awesome


Im pretty much the same in person as I am on here as well.

i get the depersonalized feeling of where my hands dont look like my hands or my mouth feels like its not mine just weird things. I used to see myself in the mirror and it felt like my head was detached from my body.


I don’t believe I’ve ever had depersonalization before. I get plenty of hallucinations and delusions though.

I feel bad for you guys. Hugs.


Its all good no worries. I honestly place most of that stuff under the spectrum of some element of psychotic symptoms


Got ya! That makes sense. :slight_smile:


Hallucinations and things like that are challenging. Hugs.

Tbh idk if it’s depersonalisation that I get. But when I read Wikipedia it sounds like it. So I guess it to be.


Hugs back! :slight_smile:

Maybe bring those symptoms up with your doctor? I just want to make sure you feel well and are taken care of.

Btw, I got my Seroquel prn delivered earlier today! :smiley:


i get one symptom i think its called derealization.
Ill see say a car, but the car looks incredibly small like as if its a toy. Or later itll be the opposite and the cars look massive. or the cars start looking like a computer game graphics.

i got so used to that stuff happening over the years i just tune it out now mostly.

i think depersonalization and derealization are dissociative symptoms


Cool! That means you can feel like you can take it if you need it any time. Good going.

Yea I will bring it up with him.

Maybe it is not depersonalisation but just shyness or something like that.

Thanks for caring :))))))

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Yea… Maybe I don’t have depersonalisation. I defo don’t have derealisation though. That one I’m sure.

Sorry you have to experience that car stuff sounds effing bizarre. Glad to hear you are coping with it, that’s good I suppose

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the big / small symptom is called alice and wonderland syndrome. I got it after smoking too much weed when I was 19. It was quite bad like that for around 9 months then I started drinking and that toned it down for some reason. I dont drink anymore tho.
its possible I could have some form of epilepsy like temporal lobe epilespy as im prone to getting migraine auras.

i just get tired of looking for answers and im cool to accept the bipolar 1 dx. just need to be functional.

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Here is Wikipedia article on it.

Just some educational material if anyone is interested


When I read the part under the ‘description’ heading I felt I can somehow relate sometimes.

But still, it may not be the same thing.

Maybe what they are referring to in the article is much more severe and literal than what I experience sometimes.

I’m not sure.

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Yeah, it sounds like a total detachment from reality. Like some type of dream state of mind.

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