Anyone very into exercise?


A lot of my life it has been my top priority and dream,
outside of keeping relationships with family or men in my life it has mostly been my obsession
With yoga I really wanted to teach
With running I wanted to run marathons
And pretty much anything between - gym -ski - surf - cycle - swim all unrealistic expectations of myself
At the moment I have very high goals for fitness classes
I think my age or arthritis or something will soon get in my way
Only makes me more determined


I do yoga in the bedroom and can start using shoulder again physically soon. I lift do intervals and hiits 5 days a week and walk dogs on “active” rest days.gotta love the ■■■■ outta that iron if you want your body to transform. I used to do long cardio, but intense helps anxiety and heart “for me” more


I usually exercise 2 - 3 days a week. I sprint a mile and then lift weights or walk for a good hour depending on how I’m feeling. I used to lift heavy weights but now I lift light. I don’t know if it helps but it’s something to keep me busy and active. My workouts last between 30 to 40 minutes. Plus as I’m getting older I just don’t seem to have the energy which could also be because of the anti psychotics don’t know for sure.

My goal is to lose 10 more lbs and I’ll be good


I lift two or three and then doo hiit 2 or 3 a week. I don’t do both in same day…to clarify


I used to go to gym twice a week. But i have been skiping it.

Should i go again on monday. Cause i know exercise is really good for me. When my dopamine is blocked with ap in the brain…it is being created in the muscles during physical exercise. And this way i can relieve that lack of emotions …numbness that ap causes.


Ya gotta push yourselfimage


I run 2k per day…it keeps me realtively healthy


I’m not very into exercise but I love my weekly 15 min brisk walk to the library and shops and coming home carrying heavy shopping I get cardiovascular and weight exercise in one :blush:


Not right now. I am SO out of shape. I had been walking to and from work faithfully until December 2017, then, WINTER. We’ve had so much extreme cold, snow, and ice, just haven’t been able to. Plus I burned out the motor in my treadmill in the basement and haven’t found an affordable replacement. :frowning:

Trying to get back into it, but it’s really hard to get going again. Having respiratory issues on top of this right now that the docs haven’t been able to nail down. I need to get more testing done with a specialist soon.

Hoping to change this by the summer.


Do you do HIIT on YouTube or in classes?

If I stop eating sugar I will have a better chance of transforming my body I’m BMI 30.9

I’m doing HITT for 20 or 30 mins at home about 4 x a week,
2-4 classes of 45-60mims Body pump, body attack and Pilates normally

Been walking av. 14500 steps a day up from 8000 couple of months ago
Bus and walk options really help, my family are advise me not to drive cos I crash a lot and have a free bus pass at the minute

Also using a foam roller for 10 mins once or twice a day


Definitely go Monday if you wake up and feel good enough x
It will make you feel even better :grinning:


BMI means nothing. Get that outta your head. Na, I set machines to do stuff for me. I go balls to the walls during workouts and actually never use our foam roller because i warmup then stretch and cool down and stretch. I never use nsaids and I have an extreme pain tolerance;however, I’m not using my shoulder until go back to dr on Thursday. I’ve got freakish genetics. Do not try to do what I do or I’m sure you’ll get hurt. For instance a month ago I ran hurdles then bleachers after it for fun then walked up threebleachers on hands…I’m 38 and no gray hairs ftw. Seriously, I’m known by friends as buns and guns now.


Totally go. You’ll feel better


I’m serious I blow my drs minds away. I usually work out at home because of strict cardiologist rules, but cheat sometimes. I’ve got ■■■■■■ up genetics all the way haha


I don’t drive either


I did ashtanga yoga
I was mostly able to do the full primary series for a bit and did teacher training foundation level in Kerala
I ran half marathons every 3 months for a year and completed a 7 miler in 77 minutes (my fastest race) in
Not fast at all I know
I’m not a bit happy with how much I do at the moment
I reach for unachievable and end up feeling guilty, lazy, in shame and 24h worthless


Ah I looked up bleachers :grinning: awesome!


I’m very into exercise. I do it every single day. My exercise regimen is composed of 35 minutes of Hatha yoga in my living room every day, practicing my digital piano for an hour every day, and always taking the up going stairs in my apartment building.


that’s cool
i never got the hang of yoga at home
was always obsessed and practicing in institutions though
some of the best and worst yoga of my life was in mental hospitals
the associations with madness are still there but i am going on another art and yoga and meditation retreat at the end of summer
need to challenge myself to go back to classes to prepare


I can relate to you a lot with things getting in the way
often gone through non positive relaxation long term many times
I’m only 4 months away from a beefy couch potato