Anyone very into exercise?


I exercise at a health club right now, I go there every day or almost every day,
and am rather fit, especially aerobically.
I hope to also improve my muscle strength.
I take private instruction sessions for strength training.


I learned to appreciate and love exercise from my wonderful mother. She ran in marathons for 49 years of her life. She also entered triathlons, climbed mountains, bungee jumped, dog sledded, and parachuted, all into her old age. She was RV’ing around the country with her boyfriend at 79 years old when she died.


There are a lot of people who are too into exercise and they end up hurting themselves.


I can’t wait for the weather to break! Spring!


That wasn’t the case with my mother. She had always had a heart condition and that eventually led to her having a stroke. She died from complications of that stroke.


Yazzzz r2d2 I did this! Now I don’t care about exercise just my health.


I’m talking about people with body dysphoria, or just don’t really know what they are doing. If you are having a heart condition and work out to the point of a stroke, then you probably shouldn’t have been exercising that hard to begin with. I’m sorry about your mother.


I enjoy it a lot but I don’t know that I’m very into it. I exercise 5 days a week but take off the last week of every Month. At least when I’m healthy. 3 days of cardio and 2 days of Strength. The strength days are intense but brief.

Before my back problems I could deadlift over 300 lbs and do half or quarter squats with over 400 lbs.
But I was way overweight due to meds so this was not that great compared to bodyweight.
I can’t deadlift anymore which sucks because I really liked them. I do dumbbell squats now. Really there’s not much else available for quads that I can do because I don’t have access or room for a Leg Press or Leg Extension.

For Cardio its now mainly Stationary cycling and Stair Stepping. I haven’t done stair stepping in a few weeks because of the huge energy cost and I haven’t felt at quite %100.


i exercise a little bit everyday


Arturo i have done this
trying to get both feet behind why head in psychosis in hospital
my back was terrible for 3 days and gave me gyp for years


hi chess,
do you go to classes or gym? swimming ever?
i am wondering about paying for just one session of pt because i don’t know how to recover from hard days and how to structure my training

i have never been able to get any structure
i would love a realistic 4 week plan i can stick to


do you do youtube or just listen to what your body needs autonomously? or do you have a rolling stucture?

i am going to go to a class a week for 5 months before going on a yoga retreat in september

i have done a few and i hope this one is also fantastic


do you have this equipment at home? if so how did you learn how to use it?

I am finding that i work better in a group and harder but solo i can improve a lot by little and often.

I have been doing things new things I was no where near capable of 3 - 4 months ago - it is encouraging


what happened to your shoulder?


My dog boarded me into fence :cold_sweat:


I got cleared to use shoulder so first thing I did was make a shepherds pie cuz I “got to mash potatoes”. Woot!



great to have the all clear

it’s all kinds of annoying having to take care so much


Did a tester workout today with warm up on elliptical, light full body workout (had to get my 15 lb dumbells outta storage room haha), cool down on elliptical, stretch then ice


I used to be very athletic in high school, now I don’t exercise that much.

It’s supposed to help with SZ/SZA but it doesn’t work for me all that much.


Oh it takes the edge off, for me