Anyone have luck with dating websites?

I’m on a few dating sites, and I’ve really only talked to one girl…for like a month. I don’t know why I even have a dating profile – I’m terrified to meet up with a girl and go on a date. I can do the messaging and whatnot, but the meeting up seems farfetched for me. :roll_eyes: Idk…have you had any luck on these sites?


Lol I was the same I was messaging some real cute guys but it wen it came to meeting them I decided to cancel. Usually.
I’ve given up on them sites due to paranoia now

haha, I completely understand. Usually it doesn’t get much further, for me, when I tell them I have schizophrenia. I do that early so as to not waste anyone’s time, if it’s a dealbreaker. And it usually is, unfortunately.


I dated a guy from a dating site for 4 years. It started out good and then I saw the real him and I felt too trapped to get out. I finally did 2 years ago.

Sucks you had a bad experience with the online dating. I’m sure this happens a lot to people on those sites, unfortunately.

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Man, sorry to hear that.
Yea tha happened to me with this really cute guy. Wen I told him about my mental health he completely ghosted me.
Things like this are so difficult with relationships :frowning:

it’s also tough because sz is what makes me unemployed and live with my parents. And have no social life. Most girls are not into that – that I’ve talked to, at least.

I met Mr. Star through OkCupid. It worked for me, but only after a few shitty experiences from both of us. We have been together over five years and we are in the process of adopting a kid.


If you meet a girl with mi maybe she can relate.
Yea I have very small social life it REALLY badly affects my confidence.
U never knw maybe ur condition will allow u to work in the future too. Time will tell.

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@anon49063606 tried a few dating sites but most women on there are looking for ‘Prince Charming’.Gonna give Tinder a go nut don’t know if iam going be upfront about SZ straight away tbh

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nice! Did you tell him early on about your MI, or did you wait awhile? I tell people up front – so it’s out there and they know why I live the lifestyle that I do

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I waited until date 3. Enough time that he already had an opinion formed about me and could see I’m not a serial killer, but early enough that I wouldn’t be heartbroken if he ran.


yeah, you have a good point about “not being a serial killer”. Maybe that’s why every girl I tell runs off…that negative connotation with schizophrenia. :neutral_face:


Yeah. When I told people right away, they never messaged back.


I told my husband when we were talking about getting married. We didn’t meet on a dating site though. We met for the first time in person.

So far I have only met women that were just scamming me. But I didn’t believe their stories nothing lasted more than a month. I’m on OkCupid and have just met a woman and we have been talking for about two months and so far seems pretty good. So knock on wood and hope for the best. But I’m still nervous to meet in person but I going to give it a try. Also you can Google dating app scams it gives you a heads up. Good luck @anon49063606


I met my x boyfriend on oasis online dating and we were together for two years.

It was a peaceful loving home.

I told him about schizophrenia before we met.

He is a biker and a tattoo artist and a volunteer firefighter and a dj but is on the pension because of s nerve damage.he used to have lots of jobs and work hard.

He is a great man.
I moved interstate to live with him.
After having met for only four days we decided I would move interstate to live with him.
I moved my sacred neigh too.

I gave him money for petrol and he rode his bike interstate to meet me for our first date.

So our first date I see him sitting on his motorcycle outside my home.

He could have stolen the money and not come but he came and rode from SA to Queensland all by himself on a motorcycle.

He stayed at my place for four days then we booked s ticket for me and a month later I was in SA visiting him for a month and after that month we decided I would stay.

We broke up because my sacred neigh needed a better home, because I wanted to be a vegan and he said he will break up with me if I go vegan and we only had sex once every four months in the end.

I still hold him high n love him.

What I did was very dangerous and not advised.

I have met other x boyfriends online.not successful though like my last boyfriend.

I might join a dating site next year after my mum has visited.

What dating sites are there? I only had one single person interested and I was a paying member.

I met my x on oasis for free.

Will never be ready to date lol

Don’t work, have no prospect, obese, getting old and ugly, etc.

I met my last lover at a MI support group. We were together for 15 years, on and off. It was a very wild and rocky ride. I wouldn’t recommend that route.

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Hey! Me too ! Snap ! :smile:

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