Anyone have luck with dating websites?

I’ve only had bad luck on dating sites.

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I have been on for a few months now and I have only talked to one girl on there. We arranged a date and when it came to meeting her she stood me up and ghosted me.

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How did you manage to keep it a secret for that long? Did you not have to take medication and go to appointments?


An exception, 1 in a million :pray: wish you the best

So smart. Thank you for share this. :heart::pray:

Yes but I also have PTSD. I just talked about that

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I have pretty good luck with dating sites. I don’t tell them about sz though thats too personal and a bit offputting for just messaging. I mostly get people trying to have sex though, which isn’t what I want to do with strangers

One of the guys I met on Plenty of Fish said he was once in the band LA Guns. That was exciting but probably a lie. Plenty of Fish was just as bad as Tinder.


Nope. Never. Women online have very high standards. I think if I ever get a girlfriend it will be in real life. I’m not ready though. I have low self esteem because of unemployment, obesity, and poor hygiene. In 1-2 years, I think I’ll get better and change.

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I usually just date women.


I met my husband on Be careful, though. I met a creep in there too.
Stick to what you are looking for. Try not to compromise too much.
My husband is exactly the person I needed. I feel really lucky.


@anon49063606 we discussed this on a thread a long time ago.

I have not gotten any further with it. I am currently not paying for a dating site but not sure whether to go back on there or not.

I really want to meet someone, but at the same time I am conflicted as I am pretty used to my routine


If you get comfortable with someone online, the next step is to video call. Messaging is easy, but face to face convos are the real deal.

Think on the spot. Keep the convo going. Be yourself but dont be awkward.

Good luck.

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I hear the stats for dating websites are really pitiful for men. Something like 80% of women go for 20% of the guys. It’s not being misogynist to say that, the stats are really that bad.

Better chances in person.

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I think it must be harder for men than women on those sites.:roll_eyes:

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Nope. Not at all. Women on dating apps dont have high standards, they just want patience and not a one night stand.

There are a few exceptions.

Most of the men are looking for one night stands, so you can imagine how a woman feels when she starts talking to someone.

What I’ve learned from online dating apps;

There are plenty of scammers.
There are plenty of pervs.
There are few people who are looking for love.

Women want friendship.
Men want nudes.
Women scam.
Men are rude.

I’m a poet at heart :upside_down_face:

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I’ve never tried a dating site. I’ve thought about it before. One thing I have seen in my short experiences with Facebook (although not a dating site) is that a lot of people there are experts at using camera angles for photographs. I’m not very photogenic, I come out weird looking even if I use the angles. When it comes to dating sites though, I decided against it until I have have a job or am doing something productive.

I saw a stand up comedy special recently, it was pretty funny in some parts. The comedian had a bit about the first things friends ask when you’re dating somebody new. For the males the question from friends was, “So what does she look like?” For women it was, “So what does he do?”

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I had a pretty good luck meeting my ex online. We’re not dating anymore but I still like him. It’s hard sifting through the good and the bad online. And I’m getting older and still like younger guys. So it’s hard.

I met my signif on Tumblr. They’re pretty swell


yeah, I’m pretty used to my routine as well. Plus, relationships cost money – which I don’t have a lot of of. I guess I’ll just keep my dating profiles for now – I’m just curious as to what is out there. I don’t think I’ll message any girls soon, though.

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