Best Dating Websites for Schizophrenics?

What are some great dating websites specifically for people suffering from schizophrenia? I haven’t had a serious relationship in years due to several factors including weight gain from medicine, fear of social stigma, and a general lack of self confidence.


I wish I knew one to tell you, I would like that, too.

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I had a little luck with but never actually met anybody.

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For some reason the link is not working right now. I hope they didn’t go under…

I say break out of that period of online fake facing people and just take the step to meet people face to face.

NEVER ONCE, have I ever had a good relationship that was built on internet sites. EVER. It was the girl that knew some of my friends who pursed ME and wanted to date.

Sing this to a chick man!


Maybe not to worry about being alone, cause us schizos never will be lol!

Worry about that work that you love and enjoy that takes you to the heights alone or not.

Through the realm of works you shall find the greatest love.

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Hahahahahahahaaaa Don’t listen to him!

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OK dear…you lagoon!

How about this one!?


Lol love Dave Chappelle is a great dating site
There are some dating sites on Facebook and dating groups to join. Zoosk is on there, it has a good reputation. You might want to try
Have a very clear and great photo of yourself
It’s important to have a tagline
Fill out all the information
Instagram shots on your dating profile will help you a lot like driving in your car pics, you can just pull over and take a pic of yourself in your car. Take a pic of you cooking, or washing your car in other words pics of you doing things you like to do.

I totally shun those sites…get out there and meet people man!

I have plenty of friends. There not bad sites for dating, try some professional dating sites where you pay for coaching. Have you tried dating groups or church. I guess it all depends on what your looking for. Maybe, you need find people you knew in high school. Get involve in charity organizations or organizations for a good cause. You could meet people. Dating is not that difficult. I have met very nice and well mannered people on dating sites. I’m not much into dating right now. Get in touch with old friends you might find someone.

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Thanks for the advice everyone! for people with MI

I tried OKCupid with stating my mental illness in my first line and got a lot of interest but mostly from guys that want a quick ■■■■. I have taken it down now and am trying to meet people nearby with similar interests via

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I wouldn’t know any sites.

Im just doing my time at this point and waiting to leave this wretched earth, no dating for me.

Strange that im acting like a shaman, he just sits in his hut by himself usually just like me. If a visitor comes he doesn’t even come out.

You find that doorway yet?

Guess im procrastinating, either that or i’ve been tortured for fourteen years and can’t do anything anymore.

my love life is a disaster,

actually i dont have a love life

i am so stupid lol