Anybody having a bad day?

Feel free to just let it out. I’m having a normal day which means I’m stressed out and depressed. People will help you on this site.

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Yeah, bad enough for me to call off work.

How bad off are you. like from 1 to 10 10 being the worst?

I don’t know. I guess I’ve been much worse than this before (psychotic breaks, suicide attempts), so maybe a 7. Pretty bad off at the moment, but I’ll get past it.

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I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe you could call a crisis line or something. How old are you?

No need, I’m not suicidal, just very depressed. I’m 38.

Are you afraid anything is going to happen?

Yeah that’s why I’m going to sleep.

I suppose I’m afraid of being unable to pay bills, stressed out about currently being behind on my bills. It makes no sense for me to call off work when money is what I need most right now.

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don’t be hard on yourself for calling off work and still needing to pay bills

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How much money do you need to pay off bills or at least around the amount. Sorry if you don’t want to say how much money you need.

Yeah, I’d rather not say; I’ll just say I’m behind on my bills.

You might have already thought this but you could go to a pawn shop and get money that way

All of my pawnable stuff was stolen in a burglary a few months ago.

ok I have to keep typing because of 15 characters

I’ve never been in that situation when I behind in bills but I also have had terrible days so just hand in there and don’t give up

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My day is terrible I just want to kill myself and get it over with. My insides feel like they’re made of acid everything just hurts and I can’t stop crying I ■■■■■■■ hate this.

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I woke up and started seeing things immediately. It hasn’t stopped and I’ve been up for three hours. I’ve called off work for the day and feel like mud for doing that. But my boss is a good guy and very understanding of sz so he just cares that I’m ok to work when I’m there and I’m ok at home when I’m here.

Everytime I go outside the house, garden furniture starts rocking, the neighbours house is moving, gargoyles and terror cats keep stalking. And I’m pretty sure I headr something call me the s word.

So I put my glasses on which I haven’t done in two years because maybe they are magical and they will help keep everything still and make all the other stuff go away.


No actually. I went for a meal with my mother. I had the breaded scampi :slight_smile: Was so nice. And I had a nap and relaxed as I had a day off…


Today’s a little worse,

Thought the voices where letting up.

Have to wake up to my own voice again.

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