I am depressed

life is hard. the voices bother me a whole lot today. for the first time i felt like maybe i should retire from work early even though i cannot afford to at all.

i keep feeling like i want to cry but thank goodness i don’t cry now. also i feel sooo tired physically emotionally and mentally.

have any of you experienced anything like this?


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For what it’s worth I had a bad day too. Sometimes it happens. I hope tomorrow will be better for you (and me!)

hi everhopeful. how did your new day start? i am feeling a bit better this morning.

to a wonderful (hopefully) weekend!!!

judy :smile: :star_struck: :relaxed:

I’m feeling quite down today. Have been for a couple of days now.

Distractions help me. Painting. Taking a nap. Etc. Walking the dog.

Could you perhaps distract yourself ? Or if it’s too bad just sleep it off.

thanks qwerty. usually i get so tired i sleep it off. but much better to keep active doing things you enjoy.

happy weekend. hope it picks you up not down.

hugs, judy

Yes I feel better today too !

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I’ve struggled too. Feels like it never ends some days. I just try and take care of the things that I have control of.

I’ve still got that “hopeful” feeling that comes along sometimes with a new year. I know ultimately it will be just another year, but I keep hoping this year will be the year that I somehow get closer to reaching the more normal and productive life I had before the illness. I don’t know if i’ll ever be able to hold a steady job again, but I do know that I can regain my physical health to a certain degree. My point is, I try to improve my physical health and life little by little and that helps keep me optimistic.

You’re a kind person ifeelblessed. You often comfort others when you post. I know life isn’t easy with a condition similar to ours, as I mentioned, it is difficult for me to even work steadily, but know that pushing yourself to continue working is a worthy achievement. Having two senior parents, I’ve learned that retiring even a couple of years before 65 in the U.S. can reduce a lot of benefits and can negatively impact a person economically. Don’t give up Judy! I know you can do it.

I’m sorry I can’t really encourage you much, but I do hope you find some comfort soon.

ilovethaifood. thanks so much for your reply and ideas and comforting thoughts in it.

i am working as much as I can is pretty much on the mark of the real truth. I have a direct supervisor that thinks she was born to make my life a hell and she has succeeded so far at much of it.

before the illness my mind was quite sharp. now it is not just foggy – it is downright dull. i am trying little by little to regain my cognitive skills. do you think there is hope for that? I kind of doubt it but it cannot hurt to try.

and the same goes for all of us here. it cannot hurt to try to get where we want to be…

hugs to you ilovethaifood and to all of us here. judy :smiley:

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I hope you feel better Judy!

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Judy it’ll be alright. Hugs

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I’ve been stable for almost 2 years now and have bad days sometimes. Sometimes my depression is very bad and sometimes it less. The fact that I have to go to work is what pushes me to keep going. I think without a job I would be laying in bed all day. Don’t get me wrong I still am taking an antidepressant and my depression is almost gone but it still lingers in the background.

I try to be grateful and have a list of all the things I am grateful for but some days it’s hard but I push myself. You have to do your best and if you can sleep it off which is what I do because tomorrow is going to be another day. Hang in there and hopefully this helps!!

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