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Anybody having a bad day?


Are you feeling better now?


Not really, considering not going to work today, though that’s partly for other reasons, too.



Not having the best day either…
Sleep deprived and anxious. I have to go to work, though.
I’m kind of scared, because I just had a panic attack at work that landed me in the hospital, last week, and this is my first day back.


Well it seems no matter how many times I talk to the doctors surgery on the phone they can’t grt my blister pack right and it’s been going on weeks.

I’m vrry frustrated this morning I lost it with them when they messed it up…:yet again.


I’m having a bad day today because I didn’t get enough sleep today and because of that, I have a migraine. I am dog tired but not sleepy, so, I can’t sleep. I don’t know how I am ever going to practice piano or yoga today on little sleep and a migraine. It’s a bad, bad day.


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