Anybody else want to start again with fitness, weight management and nutrition?

I am on the verge of getting a personal trainer which I actually can’t afford… My motivation and size and appetite and Apathetic lack of motivation from being Schizophrenic and doped up with a great antipsychotic that gives me my life back but does also mean i require input

Just do it

Thought we can start a discussion on here.

I want to care support and be supported, and get moving but it feels impossible without support.
Any one up for a 12 week challenge to get beginners back into a health kick

A trainer round here costs over £299 for personal training for a 12 week transformastion

Buddy up with me!
make a new start!

No one ever regretted it.

I’ll buddy up if you need someone on this journey with you! I am in the process of losing weight. It is getting harder now that we are in holiday season and I’m not drinking anymore (for some reason alcohol makes me lose weight). If you want to check in intermittently with each other to see progress I am ok with that.

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Thanks Air!

What are your goals ? What kind of diet are you following?
are you regaining past fitness?
how often do you exercise and what is your overall schedule?

I have not even started to branch out into exercise yet apart from basic shops and back on an electric bike (it’s hilly here)

You could always hire a personal trainer once a week or less. I’ve got a personal trainer from my mental health place. It’s free. Try and see if yours has one. I try and eat healthy. I’m trying to lose weight by fasting too

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My goal is to be within a healthy bmi. So far I have lost about 20 pounds and I am half way to my goal. I want to be able to run again but that require switching from smoking back to vaping (which is hard because vapes are banned in my state) and I need to lose some pounds. I used to run long distance for fun.

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Oh and I’m losing weight by counting calories. I’ve lost weight this way before and it is the only way that works for me.

I’ll see what i can find around here… it might take a bit of looking,

20 lbs is Great!
That sounds about right

what do you eat in a general day? do you write stuff down every time you eat.? this is the only way for me as well
I try to eat plant based mainly

So - I was a runner too. I would love to get back to it but walking is virtually difficult at the moment with about 50 lbs to lose

I know everyone would give up in the right mind state
it’s tough because that is the whole thing with addiction.
makes you want it more than life itself

I count with myfitnesspal. It works for me.


i’ll try it again, on line logging
feels time consuming
are you with a group on it
Would you describe yourself as a runner with any of the following ?fast, uphill, long
or medium, slow, flat average?
or daily?

I did very flat half marathons very slowly… but haven’t been able to get back into it.

my mum was a better coach than my partner is

I just track it in the app quickly after each meal. It doesn’t take to much time. I do however find myself eating more packaged and fast food though as it is easier to find calorie amounts for. As a runner I run normally about five miles non stop and when I was in tip top shape I ran daily. I now can only run about half a mile from the weight gain and smoking.

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I’ll try tommorrow sign up to it - it is free ? i hope so.

Daily has always been so far out of my reach! I’m a 4 days exercise Maximum and when i am not really going for it I’d do 3x a week max couldn’t do 5 sessions a week let alone 7

I’m okay at cooking my parthner is a total meat eater, but i have got him off beef
The myth of huge protien intake is severe
unless body building
that said i have tried everything to lose weight with protien vegan or veggie, shakes for weightloss

What are your diet and exercise plans looking like for the next 6 days?

I need to create mine

For breakfast I have a tea and coffee (about 300 calories). For lunch I have either a sandwich or burrito (about 500 calories) and for dinner I might go out for taco bell or tikki masala or I might have canned ravioli which is all about 500 calories.

and yes myfitnesspal is free

i can try that - do you have any cheats or snacks etc
? or how do you plan when you exercise?

my hill outside my place has to be a real beginners every other day thing
it’s about 500ft in about a mile

for food, a shake for breakfast and tea with oat milk x 2
a bowl of veg soup and some nuts and half piece of bread
a plate of home made baked beans or tofu

couple of bits of fruit

I’m trying to wait until I get my weight lower and smoking less until I start exercise

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I never saw eating well and exercise as something that you start or stop. I do it permanently and will do until I am no longer able.

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I started eating well again today. Its so bloody difficult!!!
I also started excercise again today.

That is the ideal -
I don’t have a mindset like that
There are always lazy, hungry days
this went to Air sorry


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