Any Asexuals?

I just wonder if anyone else on here is an Asexual.

I just find myself feeling like an odd person out when it comes to being human.
I don’t want to be in a relationship again nor want sex.

I kind of feel like a non-sexual hermit…lol


@pansdisease is right there with you. And I used to identify as asexual. For me, though, it wasn’t true asexuality. It was just a lot of PTSD.


would asexuals have great sex with the right partner?

@san_pedro, some asexual would have sex with the right partner, and some wouldn’t. But the common factor is that why don’t actively seek out sex or desire it. Romantic asexuals seek companionship, and may or may not have sex with their partner just as a way to show they care. Aromantic asexuals don’t desire partnership beyond friendship with anybody.


My therapist says this is the usual case with asexuality.

what you read in the books is not really happens in real life in a lot of cases

i am not asexual just mainly too afraid to have sex and i don’t know anybody

Viagra is the cure to fears about sex

lol Pedro the definition of asexual is no sexual relationship. If they have sexual relations they’re not asexual anymore!! Simple as that!! I think true asexual numbers are very very low.

i have never had a sexual relationship well i have had somewhat sexual but no actual sex so i guess im asexual wow

in the right ‘‘settings’’ everyone would have sex

did you ever orgaism?

lol you’re still 16. Don’t think its possible to conclude you’re asexual when you’re still sixteen. Too confusing a time. Ps I never even hugged a girl while I was your age. I’m not asexual.

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I would really like a partner , but every dating site I’ve been on and after every date when the guy starts talking about sex I just decide to let go cos it makes me feel uncomfortable. I want to be able to connect with someone though on emotional levels … I have considered the possibility I’m asexual but I won’t know for sure until I find the right one. If I find the right one.

do porn stars enjoy sex?

Who cares, i enjoy watching

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I’m 80% asexual, never had a relationship and I don’t care to find one.
I find porn pretty disgusting, they look like monkeys…


Take notes for research


its not rocket science

would you enjoy great sex with your soulmate/lover