Any advice would be great

So I’ve had a lot of diagnosis and I moved between cities a lot and not had a consistent treatment team. I have been diagnosed as sz a few times but their not 100%. They know I have complex ptsd and phycosis.

Anyway I relate a lot to all of you guys. It helps ground me.

I think I’ve had prodromal symptoms for a long time. I never new what physcosis was and had the doctors puzzled because what was happening for me I thought was normal and denied about voices in fear of getting put in hospital.

I’d really love to hear what other people have experienced or their stories. And any advice would be good.

At the moment I don’t believe I have pschosis but the doctors do. I accept being in hospital for a break as I have bad complex ptsd and I think I’m having a nervous breakdown.

The only thing is that I need to cut these hands off before the police put my hands on someone else :frowning:

Anyway please share anything of your experiences.

Ps. I sorry for the long post

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My advice is to just stay in the hospital and keep trying new meds until something works. Unfortunately, I don’t know that breathing exercises and CBT would be much use to you in your current state.


I hope you get the help you need. I hope you are on meds?

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Yes I had to have it they restrained me because I’m so scared the police are getting the pharmacist to lace mind controlling substances. Then they would put me in a hypnotised state and get me to hurt or murder someone.

I’m on injection olanzipine at the moment.

This is a very dangerous delusion @princess. If you try to cut your own hands off, you could easily die or become gravely disabled.

Are you being honest with your pdoc and care team at the hospital about these continued delusions?


They have a nurse with me at all times. I have told them everything as I trust the pdoc. I I do have a good plan how to get them off safely. All I do is beg for police to return my hands before they put them onto very someone else. It’s very distressing.

I know everyone thinks they’re delusions but I know this 100% that these are not my hands. I hate them I hate them so much.

you are delusional…please know you are sick? Your hands were given to you by God. No one replaced your hands !! Please don’t cut off your hands…they are all you have !! are you still in the hospital?

What’s wrong with these ‘new’ hands?

Here’s a little tip-If you want to cut your hands off because you believe the police stole them because they “know” you’re going to become God-you have already experienced psychosis and are experiencing it right now. You need to stay in the hospital until you are safe and stable.

I had a much milder version of this where I thought an evil angel had possessed half of my face. When I looked in the mirror that part of my face looked wrong. If I looked away I would see that half of my face warp into a leer or Cheshire smile like the evil angel was mocking me. I don’t experience that anymore, that was when I was highly psychotic.

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Yes I’m still in hospital and I have a nurse with me at all times.

They were exchanged without consent. They disgust me. I hate touching myself (not in a rude way) and eating with the hands. I feel violated. :frowning:

Princess , you can do this you are brave and it may not seem like it but you have a team that’s trying to help you get better. Trust in your team and work with them. I hope everything works out. And keep fighting.


I have like tunnel vision. Pdoc said it’s like compulsive thoughts about getting rid of them. I have this with the police too but it was way worse in 2015.

Im conflicted because everyone says I am unwell but I don’t feel unwell just got complex ptsd and nervous breakdown. :frowning:

I would feel even more disgusted and violated cutting these hands. The blood… the pain… :cold_sweat:

Thanks @anon80629714 my team are very good. I’m lucky. Last time I was in hospital there were mean nurses but theres quite a new lot and they are good they don’t judge and they listen. I do trust them but I genuinely think they are ignorant of this violation.


One of the core symptoms of psychosis is not feeling like you are unwell. This is called anosognosia. Look it up if you like. If you are lucky and work hard towards recovery over time you will gain more and more insight. Hopefully someone will be able to work with you to help fix those compulsive thoughts. Different medications can help with those too.


((((( hugs))))) you’ll come through this. I am gonna go and tune off but I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight. I hope you feel better and if you can please keep posting otherwise we’ll be waiting for you once you get out much better.

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I know I have had psychosis before where I thought I was dead food poisoned going to be killed etc but I don’t think so now I have memories of surgery and they tried to cover it up by inserting memories of an alien abduction but I knew that was bull.

Plus jack told me. He is the programmer of the simulation. And he chose me to be God to save the destruction of the simulation. He’s actually my real father from the real reality and I was his second choice to save everyone.

Thanks @anon80629714. Hope you have a good day. :slight_smile:

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I’m still here lols I can’t stay away

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