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Oh man I'm in emergency department and they won't let me leave


I had an attempt on the hands again. I’m scared they’re going to put me in hospital. I’ve been so good but I was just so distressed over the past few days I couldn’t help myself :frowning:


Lots of love to you
Hope you’ll be home soon


Thanks I just wanna go home to be honest


I was in the same spot a couple weeks ago. I left twice when I got privlidges so the doc just discharged me.

stay calm and be cooperative, try and seem happy/stable, and they might let you go.

I feel for you, good luck.


Leave you dang hands alone. They are your hands


Thanks yeah hopefully they’ll see I’m algood apart from that.


You don’t know the situation. They’re actually not mine and they are toxic to my body. It really distressed me and I would appreciate if no one relates me to these hands.


What made you go in


@princess. TBH, If you’re trying to remove your hands, the safest place for you right now is in the hospital.


Go to hospital sis…u will get treatment …i like u girl @princess


Cutting the hand sorry don’t want to trigger anyone!


Guys I’m algood just can’t stand these toxic hands and being bullied by the police!


They will help you in hospital


I hope you decide to stay though. That is if you plan on hurting yourself again. I don’t understand fully what your going through, but just know they really are trying to help you and if you let them you might not feel this anymore. Which may be worth the hospitalization right? Anyway, stay safe.


I don’t know what to say except i hope you are ok. take the advice of folks here who know you better than me, they really seem to care a lot about you on here. Well, no that’s not right, they DO care about you here on the site.


Thanks guys 151515


Are you taking your meds? Keep taking them, they will help you.


Yeah I’m taking them. I was a bit late on my injection but I don’t know ae. I don’t think meds are going to fix the problem to be honest.


@princess Do something positive with your hands like reading a book or something and you will notice that everything is okay with your hands


It’s not that simple. I’ve tried. I even got my nails done and bought rings but I still hate them. Its like I’m in a nightmare!