Just want to talk please

Man i relate so much to you guys. Even though i dont believe i have psychosis at the moment i have in the past. I find this site really useful. My inpatient pdoc says its ptsd with psycotic features. Some say borderline. Some say sz. So i dunno. I dont think im bpd or ptsd with psychotic features. I dont want to admit it but i think maybe i do have sz. What do you guys think?

Ps i know you arent doctors but opinoins would be nice. Just evaluatting from what ive posted. I feel like my insight fluctuates but im 100% on the hands not being mine and the police are trying to get me to kill and improson me and surveillance me and read my mind with their aerials via electromagnetic waves

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I wouldn’t know enough about you or any of the disorders you mentioned to have a confident opinion but I can say I’m really glad you’re open to a diagnosis because to me that’s the first step towards recovery.

Take the meds, do the therapy, journal everything you can and keep a poitive frame of mind towards getting well. I have faith in you little one :purple_heart:

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Hi @princess Last time i checked you were i… Are u still in Hospital?

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Yes i am in hospital @gamter

Hows it going… boring as usual? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to know whats been disabling me for so long. Its been a really rough road and im tired of being tossed around.

Not too bad. Im with a nurse 24/7 so i wont hurt the hands. They watch me go toilet and bathe its awkward. Been keeping busy watching dvds and colouring really. As much as i can concentrate.


don’t run away. they will fix u up.

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I dont mind being in hospital and having a break. I only want to run away to remove the hands.