Pdoc says I'm not depressed

I’m happy they’ve finally listened to me. He says I’m not depressed. But he did say I have PTSD and physcosis.

I am too afraid to take aps as I think the pharmacist is lacing the aps under the influence of the police.

He wants me to go back on clozapine but I think the police are making him do so. I have to be watched by a nurse near on constantly because they’re worried I’m going to remove the hands. Which I am.


You have to fight the paranoia. You know you have psychosis. You mentally know these beliefs are irrational even if emotionally you believe they’re true. Give the meds a shot.


Remove the hands? What do you mean?

The police removed my hands and replaced them with somebody else’s hands so I’m going to remove whoever distrusting hands they are by sawing them off.

That sounds awful. Please take your meds. It’s worth a try, right? The pharmacist can’t change them. They would get in trouble for that.

Stay in Hospital till you feel better. And DON’T try to cut your hands off. They are your own hands, not some strangers!


Please don’t :disappointed_relieved: it will really hurt you and I don’t want you to get hurt


Pdoc says I’ve got compulsive thoughts about it. I have to do it I’m heartbroken with not having my Hands I just want them off.

If you actually do that, you would likely bleed to death. If you think you might do it anyway, you should go to the hospital.

Remember, if you cut your hands off, who is going to wipe your ass? You’ve got to think this through, it’s a bad idea.


Plus it’ll be really hard to operate the remote, you will have to type with your nose, imagine trying to swipe on your phone. You’ll have to feed yourself with your feet.


No it’s ok I’m going to get my hands back and get them reattached. The police have them so I’m going to break in and get them back before they put them on someone else like jack says.

Even if they are not your hands, you will hurt yourself very badly if you try to remove them. You will have to try to get used to those hands, so you don’t hurt yourself.

princess, are you making fun of everyone on this forum?

We are telling you there is nothing wrong with your hands. There is something wrong with your mind. You have paranoia about the police and hear a voice called “jack” that doesn’t really exist.
Take your medicine as instructed by doctors and you feel much better !!

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No no I never meant to make fun of anyone or offend anyone. I’m not like that. Sorry guys.