Antipsychotic medications while pregnant?

Does anyone have experience with APs while pregnant? I’m on 10mg of haldol right now. Everything I’m finding is sketchy at best. I found two studies that suggested there might have been an increased risk of limb deformity, but it was such a small awful study that it doesn’t really actually show anything.

I hate that all the info out there is about getting any sort of prenatal care and not on the meds themselves. I get ethics and all, but it’s still frustrating when you’re trying to find the info.

Any info or personal experience would be much appreciated.

not a good idea in the least.

haldol is bad for you and it’s bad for the baby.

It’s not rocket science.

Bad idea.


I would not take the risk.

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I had a conversation with my pdoc a couple months ago about this. According to him, the atypical aps are safe during pregnancy. But not during breastfeeding. I don’t know about haldol. He said that if you were unmedicated then the stress you would put on the fetus would be greater than any risk of taking an ap during the pregnancy. Like if you got psychotic and were hospitalized it could really harm the baby more so. So that’s what I was told.


I was encouraged , given hope by the news. But upset about the breastfeeding. I would really want to breastfeed my baby if I were pregnant. I wasn’t breastfed and look how I turned out! And my mother and I didn’t bond properly I think during my infancy. She always tells me what a horrible baby I was.

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I was told by my doctor that I would have to stop taking Geodon and Amitriptyline if I wanted to get pregnant. Amitriptyline can cause limb deformities and the baby would be born addicted to it. Geodon causes a high rate of stillborn births. But both of those have only been studied in animals. They haven’t tested them on human mothers and infants, because of ethical problems.


Haldol is also a category C drug for pregnancy. Tests have shown it has an adverse effect in animals, but no data has been taken on human mothers. This website is very accurate for all your medication questions.


There was a link in the News section that SzAdmin posted about effects of AP’s and AD’s during pregnancy, I think it was last month.

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Wait a minute…

The thing about being unmedicated and then getting hospitalized is confounded by the fact that they force stronger meds on scz in hospitals. That certainly would do damage to the fetus.

To be honest, I have heard that any drugs, even caffeine, are not okay when you are pregnant.

Now I don’t know that much at all about being pregnant, but I do know that drugs while pregnant is not really okay.

You really should be tapered off your meds if you are pregnant. Cold turkey is too dangerous.

You should have a second opinion from another medical doctor. Doctor is just a word that means teacher. Not all doctors are that good at actually helping. Mine are, but I am lucky.

If your doctor sucks, go to a different one.

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What about for men? Does it screw up the sperm?

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My social worker said that they would just switch my meds. I’m on Risperdal. I can’t be off meds, or I will starve myself to death.

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Here are some resources to optimize your chance of a healthy child:

Preventing Schizophrenia

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I had this when my first son was born. It was a scary experience. My legs started to shake.

My mother took haldol while pregnant with me for roughly half the time (within 1st & 2nd trimesters plus some type of tranquilizer she doesn’t remember the name of ). I began to have issues at a young age with movement disorders (they are now thinking Tourette’s that was always overlooked) before true hallucinations/schiz developed while I was still young. The root cause of all the strange things I have experienced since I was a young child are thought to be neurological. It’s impossible to say at this point what role haldol played but I’ve seen reports of CNS damage to the fetus. I also had NMS when I took haldol myself which I found interesting.

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What is NMS?

Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

Oh that’s scary… Thanks!

Right now I am trying to determine some sort of prognosis for things unrelated to schiz. Weird things happen all the time, strange symptoms they know are a combo of mental and physical - plus multiple medication sensitivities that were due to an insanely unusually sensitive system. I don’t know how concrete of an answer I will ever get, but I am more curious than ever about the haldol and other drugs while in utero. If they caused part of this I don’t know if there is anything that can really be done. I’ve been consistently sick in one form or another since elementary school. Had haldol never been introduced I feel like they would have a better idea of how to proceed. Because no one can say either way, and my mother and I (other relatives too) having a genetic disposition to mental health issues, there is no way to say either way. It doesn’t seem worth it. They can think something is safe and ten years later learn that it isn’t.

One other thing I’d do if I were pregnant:

Take 3 to 6 grams of Lecithin-based Choline per day.

THis is the product that people I know who wanted to avoid schizophrenia in their children took during pregnancy.

They had to take 20 to 30 capsules a day (10 capsules with each meal) - because each capsule only had 200mg of choline in it:

Serving Size: 3 Softgel
Phosphatidyl Choline 630 mg

(210 mg per capsule)

Here is why:




That’s a lot of choline. Don’t you just piss it out if it’s more than your body needs? I take 600 mg of alpha gpc choline. It’s the best bio available choline.