ADHD and Schizophrenia

Hello, I have Schizophrenia and i needed to know if its possible to be prescribed Adderal? My physiatrist said she wouldn’t be able to treat my ADHD even if i had it but i am having lots of ADHD symptoms now.

My Schizophrenia doesn’t even bother me anymore. I am very stable but my ADHD is very annoying.

I just needed to know if its possible to convince my physiatrist to give me ADHD medications.

What should i tell her to get ADHD medication?

I’m not sure if its the case,

But this post comes off like you just really want some adderall.

Which is not good for people with psychosis,

Even if it isn’t “bothering” you,

It will if you dose up on that stuff.


I have Sz among other things and one of my meds Vyvanse 50 mg was just switched to Adderall XR 25mg… I’m mad, irritable, annoyed, I’m snapping, I’m paranoid, I’m sad… I cried in the bathroom at work !! This Adderall ■■■■ is not enough for me .: it is overrated !! unless it’s the transition and it’s takin me a hard time to adjust


Strattera is used to help people with ADHD because it’s not a stimulant. Ask your doctor about it. :sun_with_face:


Yeah you can get on straterra. That med made me lose 3 lbs in 3 months only thing was sex was like too focused i guess. I might get back on it myself. Straterra takes 3 montha or so to kick in, its also good for incontinence or frequent peeing. Tmi

I’m also BiPolar and my doc said that when my ADHD suffices my BIPOLAR might become more noticeable … it’s bad.:: someone else told me that Adderall casie Psychosis … I haven’t had tha yet …:.: I miss my Vyvanse but my body built up a tolerance for it

3 lbs? In three months. ???

Its kinda rare but yeah i had a lot of weight in my face and stomach gone. 3 lbs is a lot off the body. It doesnt act on dopamine but some doctors are still too afraid to be sued to give it to you. It doesnt get you high like euphoria like adderall does and didnt help much with motivation.

You should stay away from adderall and euphoric type drugs they will cause problems and every one can cause you to relapse. If your worried about negative symptoms like lack of motivation, you can sometimes increase the dose of antipsychotic, sometimes try lithium, or antidepressant. Wellbutrin can be given too.

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I was told that Adderall will make you lose weight also… i just need my concentration and peace of mind back …

Thats to get high and you shouldnt do that it causes addiction teeth corrosion additional heart problems on type of what antipsychotics already cause. Euphoria is not a cure for life. I know people want motivation when your lying in bed all dead stricken with schizophrenia negative symptoms. Nothing really helps with that.

One thing you can try is a supplement called theobromine, which is basically like even leveled less crashy caffeine. They sell it online. Its whats responsible for happy feelings in chocolate

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I don’t get a high with Adderall XR. Adderall is garbage and does not work for me, with my Vyvanse I could concentrate and actually focus.

You can never take that again sorry. Ita bad for you concentrate on recovery which could takes months. Mood stabilizers help

I will try that… :slight_smile:

Never take what ?

Any kind of stimulant. The body wont let you. Theobromine might even make you relapse, but you could try it. Ask your doctor before trying anything you add including supplements

Oh yeah … I don’t do nothing without my doctors permission

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Insist or change doctors. If you have an insurance plan that does not require your primary physicians consultation for a specialist visit, you can just choose the psychiatrist and go on your own. If you don’t have such a coverage, then you should have an honest discussion about your medical concerns with your primary care physician.

Adderall will not help you lose weight. It can how ever make hallucinations worse.

It mainly just made me focus on my voices more and made my visuals clearer.

Also getting off it is a bitch I’m very addicted to it and I still get ■■■■■■■ cravings for the ■■■■. On rare occasions when I do take it I get very shake the minute it starts to wear off.